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National Level FDP on "CASE WRITING" at NCM

Title: National Level FDP on "CASE WRITING"
Dates: 13TH- 14th  December, 2014
Venue: Narmada College of Management






Gujarat Technological University and Narmada College of Management have organised a unique faculty development programme on Case Writing of six days duration which will be completed in three phases. The first phase was held at Narmada College of Management on 13th-14th December, 2014.

28 participants from 11 institutions participated in this faculty development programme which aims to develop the capability among the faculty members for writing cases which are pertinent to Indian business situations. 

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Pankaj Jani, Director (Education), Narmada Education and Scientific Research Society in the presence of Prof.(Dr.) Renuka Garg, Professor and Head of the G H Bhakta Academy of Management, Department of Business and Industrial Management, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Dr. Bhaskar M Rawal, Principal, Narmada College of Science and Commerce, Zadeshwar, Bharuch and Dr. Trupti S Almoula, I/c Director, Narmada College of Management, Bharuch.

The fore noon technical sessions on the first day were facilitated by Prof. (Dr.) Renuka Garg who brought about the issues related to case discussion and case teaching in a very interactive and lively manner with an active participation by all the faculty members. Discussing the points raised by the faculty participants related to case teaching and discussions in the classrooms, she brought out the fact that faculty members themselves are to take this blame for case teaching not happening in our classrooms.  Elaborately discussing both, the issues related to teaching learning through the case method and the intricacies of case discussions in classrooms related to students, she urged the participants to be thoroughly prepared before entering their classes for a case discussion with their students.

The post lunch session was dedicated to a discussion on the case,  “Gilding Community with Glittering Zari”, which Prof.(Dr.) Renuka Garg has written along with Prof.(Dr.) Manish Siddhpuria. She highlighted and brought about some very intricate and interesting points related to certain practical aspects of the case which the participants missed in their reading of the case. The case, as suggested by her can be used in various differing situations, depending on the topic under discussion. All the participants actively participated in the discussion and were delighted to experience a discussion of a real case, written by the facilitator herself.

The second day of the programme was facilitated by Prof. (Dr.) Satendra Kumar, Professor & Head, Research Centre, CKSVIM, Pratapnagar, Vadodara. He began with sharing his own experience of writing and publishing a case and the problems associated in the process of selecting the  right kind of topic, organisation, getting all the relevant permissions from authorities and finally getting case clearance from the organisation. Discussing his detailed note on the process of writing a business case he shared many practical insights with the participants.

The afternoon session was devoted to discussing a case on, the famous creative accounting case that led to the fall of the company in 2002. Elaborating the ethical issues involved in the case, Prof.(Dr.) Kumar supplemented the case with enlightening experiences of ethics from his own personal life.  Encouraging the participants to actively contribute to the academic community by developing and writing cases on their own, he also highlighted the advantages of teaching their own cases by faculty members in the classroom.

The workshop ended with guidelines for phase two of the programme scheduled on 17th-18th of January 2015. 

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