Monday, February 29, 2016

Students' participation in 'Xitij 2015'

Date: September 2015


On September 2015, Gujarat Technological University organized youth festival                   ,  a grand blend of events on Drama, Dance, Music, Literature and Fine Arts. Students of Narmada College of Management actively participated in various events like  Ad Making Contest, Elocution, Quiz, Classical Dance, Folk dance. In all there were 15 participants of MBA (1st year) & MBA (2nd year).

 List of participants from MBA (1st year) were: Drashti. A. Shah, Kinjal. H. Patel, Nirali. D. Thakkar, Yadav Dharmdipsinh Dipaksinh, Vrunda. D. Joshi, Krupa. S. Rajyaguru, Shashi. R. Rawat, Kinjal. N. Patel, Meghna. A. Tambakuwala

List of participants from MBA (2nd Year): Adhwaith. C. G. V. Pillai, Steven. P. Thomas, Simrankaur Bassi, Janardhan Patel, Patel Ilfaz Iqbal,Mulla Umarfaruk Ismail

Students of Narmada College of Management won the 1st prize in Ad- Making Contest and 3rd prize in Classical Dance who were selected to the Interzonal Youth Festival organized at Marvadi College, Rajkot. Students were able to gain practical exposure, competitive spirit, where do they stand and scope of improvement in various areas.

Winning group of Ad-making team:

·         Adhwaith. C. G. V. Pillai
·        Steven. P. Thomas
·         Simrankaur Bassi
·         Janardhan Patel
·         Kinjal. H. Patel
·         Nirali. D. Thakkar

Winner of Classical Dance:

·         Nirali. D. Thakkar

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