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NCM Students Participation in HR Conclave “RE - IMAGINING HR”

 Event Report for the Academic Year 2020-2022

1. Event Title: HR Conclave “RE - IMAGINING HR” 

2. Date of Event: 22nd Oct. 2021 

3. Type of Event: Corporate 

4. Venue: Hotel Regenta Central Harimangala, Bharuch 

a. Organizer: BDMA (Bharuch District Management Association) 

b. Host: Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala 

5. Event Coordinator: Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala

6. Event Attendees: HR Professionals, Professors, Students 

7. Proceedings of the event (day wise): Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

8. Expert Speaker / Facilitator: 

I. Session: Inaugural Session

a. Name: Mr. Ravi Kapoor (Chief Guest) 

      Organization: Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd. 

      Designation: Managing Director 

b. Name: Mr. Mikael Gedin (Keynote Speaker) 

Organization: Perstorp Group 

Designation: EVP – People & Care 

c. Name: Dr. P. K. Padhi (Guest of Honour) 

Organization: XLRI, Jamshedpur 

Designation: Professor 

Key Takeaways: 

Focus innovation. 

If one don’t have great leadership skills, people can leave. 

India’s advantage comes from the demographics. 

Demographics is a strength of India. 

Covid was a disrupter, and disrupter teaches us lot of things. 

The company which is resilient, will succeed. 

Due to pandemic, new change will stay back. 

Don’t restrict yourself to IR/HR but work on business. 

HR only runs a business – not Artificial Intelligence/Technology. 

Empathy is the pillar. 

25000 companies in India are in chemical business. 

Teach a person and retail him. 

HR need to see that skills are given. 

HR need to broaden your thinking. 

II. Session: Diversity & Inclusion

a. Name: Mr. Nisheeth Mehta 

      Organization: Microsign Products 

      Designation: CEO 

b. Name: Mr. Kannan Hariharan 

      Organization: Avtar Group, Bangalore  

      Designation: Chief Strategist, Culture & Belongingness

Key Takeaways: 

To achieve the outcome, equal opportunity should be given to everyone.

Opportunities can be given to even specially abled people. 

III. Session: Round Table Discussion on Coaching 

a. Name: Mr. Gopal Iyer 

      Organization: IIM, Ahmedabad 

      Designation: Vice President 

b. Name: Ms. Vidhya Srinivas 

      Organization: IMT, Nagpur   

      Designation: Head – Corporate Relations 

Key Takeaways:

The one who is providing the consultancy is the most powerful. 

Coaching is co creating journey. 

Coaching is a skill for all, it is our responsibility. 

Coaching is a tool which is very lucid. 

Upskilling and reskilling in necessary. 

We need to start giving coaching to students not teach them. 

Faculty should go through coaching certification. 

Need to create coaching environment. 

The job of a coach is to get the best out of you. 

IV. Session: Emotional Intelligence v/s Artificial Intelligence in HR 

a. Name: Mr. Vinay Trivedi  

      Organization: TerraPay, Bangalore  

      Designation: Global CHRO  

b. Name: Dr. Hemant Thakar 

      Organization: Symbiosis, Pune    

     Designation: Guest Faculty 

Key Takeaways: 

What humans can offer to the world. Machines can not. 

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be mastered. 

Attrition is very high of this country, which is a cost to company. 

World is facing point of inflection. 

Artificial Intelligence is created to support human. 

Not to blame technology for our laziness. 

Use technology to become better version of yourself. 

Don’t google everything. 

Talk to humans as human. 

V. Session: Labour Code 

a. Name: Dr. P. K. Padhi  

      Organization: XLRI, Jamshedpur   

      Designation: Professor 

Key Takeaways: 

If Labour Law is removed from HR, It is a dead combination. 

If Labour Law is combined with HR, It is a deadly combination. 

HR should be blended with IR. 

9. Feed back of the students: Excellent 


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