Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Teachers' Day 2015 Celebration

Date: 05/09/2015
Venue: NCM


“Flair 2015” – Quiz competition

Date: 14/09/2015
Venue: NCM
NCM had organized  Quiz Competition “Flair 2015” for the development of students in MBA SEM I & III. Flair means ability.
Details of the said Quiz Competition:

·         Date of Competition 14th Sep,2015

·         Date of Registration: 12th Sep, 2015

·         Evaluators/ Judges :  a) Prof. Subhash Yadav  b) Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala

·         Total 17 students from Semester I & III has participated in Quiz  competition

·         First Rank was secured by Steven Thomas from the MBA II- Sem III and

·         Second rank was secured by  Ilfaz Patel from MBA II- Sem III.

Dr.  Chetna R Makwana                                                                                                 Dr Trupti Almoula

Co-ordinator of the Programme                                                                                Director

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Investor Awareness Programme 2015



Date: 24/08/2015
Veneu: Narmada College of Management

NCM had organized “Investor Awareness Programme" for the financial knowledge development of students in MBA SEM I & III
Programme included the following competitions:

·         Date of Programme 24th August 2015
·         Faculty  of the programme : Tanuja Vashishta
-     Topics for the Elocution Competitions were:
·         Saving and Investment awareness
·         Life Cycle investment need and guidelines
·         portfolio process for making monye in market
·         knowledge about mutual funds and its implications
·         Details about SIP mode of investments in to market

Programme is organised in support of BOB Pioneer Mutual funds, and exper who address the students were MS Tanuja Vashistha from BOB Pioneer Mutual Funds, who guide the student about investment and safeguard which they require to understand the market


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