Thursday, December 1, 2016

NCM HR students attended Workshop as on 29th Oct,2016 conducted by ACE Foundation in association with MSME, (Govt. organization).

Date: 30 Nov 2016

NCM  HR students attended Workshop as on 29th Oct,2016  conducted by ACE Foundation in association with MSME, (Govt. organization).

The workshop was conducted at ACE hall, Vadodra on 29 Oct, 2016 on 10:30 am onwards.
·         Two Student Attended the Workshop from NCM: Karishma Kadu & Resha parikh
         Eminent Speaker : Kaushal Kumar V.P, Reliance
        Objectives of the Workshop was:-

-To understand the compensation how it is given to different types of employees on the basis of grades and types.
-To know the current and upcoming trends in compensation and rewards to be given.

·         Key Learning:-

-The speaker started with the current scenario in industries about how the compensation is given .example was related to reliance
-The rewards to be given to employees where the employees have been classified according to their jobs, grades given to them.
-The methods for job evaluation and how to pay them according to their job.
-The application of acts like Employee State Insurance Act, Gratuity Act, Bonus Act, etc.
-They also taught to evaluate the compensation given to types of workers specifically like manual, knowledge, Chief executives.

·         Benefits:-

-It would be helpful as we got more knowledge about the compensation.
-It would be helpful for my Academics purpose.

-As it is associated with MSME an Government organization so its of worth.

Monday, September 19, 2016

EXTENSION ACTIVITY OF NCM: Participation in the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan by GNFC


Participation of Narmada College of Management in the Swachch Bharat  Abhiyan by GNFC



Under the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, GNFC decided to build toilets for those families in the surrounding villages of Bharuch who do not have this facility and are engaged in open defecation.

Narmada College of Management faculties participated in the survey of these families based on the Below Poverty Line list provided by the Government of Gujarat. Two villages namely Mangleshwar and Nikora were allotted to Narmada College of Management by GNFC. Four faculty members along with students carried out a survey of these villages, meeting the family members, taking photographs of the location where the toilet will be built and collecting their consent for the same.

Based on the survey and identification of the houses, toilets have been built by GNFC in these villages.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016





A Career Orientation workshop was organized for final year students. The objective was to orient them to the nuances of a career, its preparation, facing interviews, selecting their preferred sector for job, building confidence, and how to create a successful career.
Shri Dhiraj Singh began his session with interacting with the students and breaking the ice. He guided the students on how to be more efficient and effective in their day to day life. He guided the students on how to face the difficult and trying situations in life and overcome them for a successful life ahead. He also took a detailed on stress management techniques.

Shri Anil Nirmal, while drawing on his corporate life experiences, enthralled the audience with a very light and relaxed way of discussion. He asked the students to be bold, find out their own path, and have the courage walk on it.

 His presentation was without a single word on the slide, but lots of practical learnings from the corporate world. His more than an hour presentation was highly appreciated by the students.

Later the students highly appreciated the contribution of both the faculties in their overall career development orientation.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Induction Programme 2016

Date: 30/8/2016
Venue: NCM





The orientation program for MBA first year, 2016 batch students has been organized on 30th august 2016 at conference room at Narmada College of management. The aim of this programme was to introduce the students with the college, University system, Code of Conduct at NCM, faculties and also with senior students.
 The Event highlights are as follow:
The lamp has been lightened by all the faculties of college and after that a prayer was vocalized by 2nd year students.
Director of NCM, DR. TRUPTI ALMOULA has addressed the welcome speech to the 1st year students.It was very motivational speech by director along with oath to be happy and always be helpful to others. Kinjal patel of 2nd year also welcomed the   1st year students by her welcome speech.
A brief introduction to why MBA and Why to choose NCM with the placement has been given by Prof. Subhash Yadav. Sir also considered that personal attention to each student can be given due to limited seats and admissions.
A Documentary on Narmada college campus and activities carried out for overall development of students. Documentary is created by Fenil Modi, Bhavin Hirani, Kiran Parmar.
Faculty introduction of each and every faculty was given by the 2nd year students namely Dipixa Prajapati, Komal Mehta, Amrin Khilji, Sally Masani.They also highlighted area of interest of each faculty. They also introduce office and supportive staff of college.
Academic conduct of college and Gujarat Technological University was conducted by Dr. Chetna Makwana Madam. She also highlighted point regarding the Subject and its credit system. She also highlighted marking and grade system of university. Mr. Kanu Raval sir introduce technological & computer lab facilities available in college. Ms. Sonal patel Madam talked about library facilities of college.
Extra activities held in college were introduced by Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala madam. She also introduced our student’s participation in various activities in college as also in other institute. She also talked about out college management fest named “REVA” which is generally organized every two years.
For inspiring all the students of college, motivation video was shown. Bhavin Hirani was the major contributor for videos.
After that, one of the Students from first year was invited for their views of MBA and reasons for choosing this college.
At last Bhavin hirani from 2nd year gave vote of thanks to all.
After break, informal season was conducted with games. Treasure hunt, Dog and the bone , Blind fold squirrel was conducted. This is how oriented programme was ended with lots of memories.

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Chetna Makwana (Associate Prof., NCM)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2016 at NCM

Date: 06/09/2016
Vanue: NCM

Teacher's Day Celebration has been carried our at NCM. Students have organised various activities for their Gurus.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Student Achievement: Student honored as a best player in Basketball tournament

Date: 23/08/2016

Our student Parmit Kaur, had played Basketball tournament on 23/08/2016.
  • Quarter final against GNFC - 12/17, GNFC/NCSC
  • Semi final against QACS - 02/10, QACS/NCSC
  • Final against Jay Ambe - 10/14, Jay Ambe/NCSC
Student was honoured as a best player and got a award.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Students Participation in "All India Essay Writing Event 2016"

Our students Ms. Fatema Ibrahim Surti and Ms. Sashista A. Chauhan participated in  "All India Essay Writing Event 2016" organised by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, United Nation Information Center for India and Bhutan, and The Heartfulness Institute.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Celebrated 70 years of Independence at Narmada College of Management

Report on "Celebrated 70 years of Independence at college campus on 20th August,2016."







The main motto of the celebration was in remembrance of the freedom fighters as well as to get inspired and think best out of box for the welfare as a good citizen of the country .

The celebration included various competitions such as Elocution, Patriotic song, Painting, Slogan and Essay writing.

The following are the list of participants with their respective events/activities:
Elocution                                                   Judged by – Dr. Chetna Makwana

Patriotic song                                            Judged by – Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala
Harsh & group-4th
Parmeet & group-2nd
Payal & group-3rd
Bhumika -1st

Essay Writing                                           Judged by – Prof. Subhash Yadav
Disha - 2nd
Pooja - 1st
Fatima - 2nd

Slogan Writing                                         Judged by – Ms. Arpita Bhattacharya

Painting                                                     Judged by – Ms. Arpita Bhattacharya
Priyanka & group
Noella & group
Jisha -1st
Aakash Mehta & group
Safvan & group

We have also organized mass singing of the National Anthem at 10.00 AM on 23rd August, 2016 at our college.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

International Yoga Day 2016 Celebration at NCM

Report on International Yoga Day 2016 Celebration

Date: 21/06/2016
Venue: Narmada College Sports Ground

Under the visionary Leadership of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, 21st June has been declared as INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY. Yoga has not been limited and restricted to any community, religion, area, nation, society or any individual economy, but today the entire world has accepted and started practicing yoga. The whole credit for this completely vested to our culture roots. It has been decided and declared to celebrate at National State, District, Taluka, Villages as well as individual, Institutions, Universities and NGOs too.

Brief Details about Yoga Training by Institute from 15th to 20th June-2016 in 100 words:
Yoga training was undertaken at the institute for our students of first year MBA. They were trained as per the protocol given by the authorities and is available on the website. They were also exposed to the benefits of having a sound body and mind for maximizing their potential as a student of management.
Students performed various exercises and asanas as per the schedule. At the end of the session students were encouraged to participate in the essay competition on Yoga. Based on the interest of the students our institute has decided to under take this activity on a regular basis from the current semester. This will help them to remain active and fit for the rigorous schedule of management studies.

Brief Details about International Yoga Day Celebration at Your Institute on 21st June-2016 in 100 words:
Yoga day celebration began at 7:00 AM on 21st June at the College campus grounds. Students had started assembling in the ground from 6 : 30 AM onwards. The programme began with the chanting of ‘OM’ and then under the guidance of Yoga expert all the students undertook the various asanas beginning with warming up exercises of the neck, shoulders, hips, and legs.
The students and faculty performed first all the asanas as per the protocol in the standing posture, then sitting, and then supine and prone positions asanas were also performed. After the asanas  sessions, Pranayama and meditation with soulful music was also conducted by the Yoga training expert.

Details of no. of participants on Yoga Training Sessions & International Yoga Day Celebration:
Sr. No.
No. Of Student
No. of Faculty/Staff

Details of Yoga Trainer:
Name: Prof.  H K Patel
Mobile no: 9227177138
Mail ID:
Institution: Narmada College of Science and Commerce

Details of Yoga Coordinator of Institute:
Name: Subhash Yadav           
Mobile no: 9408069039
Mail ID:
Institution: Narmada College of Management
Details of Yoga Practice Winner:
Winner Rank
Enrollment No.:
Student Name
Dharmadip Yadav
Bhatt Krupa
Resha Patel
Sally Masani

Details of Yoga Essay Completion winners at institute:

Winner Rank
Enrollment No.:
Student Name
Sally Masani



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Webinar on Teaching Pedagogies used in Higher Education for Better Learning Outcomes

A Report on Webinar on Teaching Pedagogies used in
Higher Education for Better Learning Outcomes
Organized By: Gujarat Technological University

Date: 21st April, 2016
Time: 3.30 P.m. to 4.30 P.m
The webinar organized by GTU was aimed to exhibit some of the practices being implemented in the teaching methodology to make the learning better.

Various innovative methodologies that have been implemented were discussed. Among those, one method was demonstrative method. Demonstration Method which uses the demonstration or doing method to teach skills was exemplified by the engineering faculty. He demonstrated making of a toy four car with remote control. The eminent professors of GTU also provided examples of how technical skills need to be supplemented with good mentoring, customer orientation and managerial skills.

At Narmada College of Management, it was attended by all the faculty members i.e. Prof. Subhash Yadav, Dr. Chetna Makwana, Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala, Prof.Arpita Bhattacharya and Dr. Deepa Bhindora. 

The one hour webinar was co-presented by Prof. Andrew Solomon of Munjal University, Gurgaon.

Workshop for AICTE Approval Process 2019

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