Thursday, January 31, 2019

Student participated in "Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0" By Our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi

Date: 29/01/2019
Venue: NCM Conference Hall


60 Students and 2 faculty members have participated in the webcast on "Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0" by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The programme is live telecast in all government and CBSE schools, colleges and higher education institutions of the country and abroad.

The programme is live streaming in all government and CBSE schools, colleges and higher education institutions of the country and abroad. This year, a cultural programme of 10 minutes has also been included in which the bright student winners (e.g. Dancers/Singers etc) from Kala Utsav contest, their parents and teachers will be performing. A short film will be telecast on steps taken to reduce exam pressure since last years’ ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’.

The event started last year to discuss issues related to exams and the stress connected to that. The session comes days after HRD Ministry released the book ‘Exam Warriors’ authored by the PM focusing to help them cope with the stress.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sports Competition 2019 (Inter Class)

Date: 19/01/2019
Venue: Narmada College of Management


NCM has organised Inter Class Sports Competition 2019. The Competition was held between Students of  MBA Part - I and II. Indoor sports like Carrom and Chess have been played among the students. The result for the same is as under:

Circket Girls
177370592027 Modi Swetaben Harishkumar
177370592023 Malik Fehminabanu Iftekhar
177370592055 Shukla Ankita Anilbhai
177370592013 Goswami Bhavnikaben Mukeshgir
177370592009 Dave Vidhi Darshit
177370592005 Chauhan Maheshwariben Bipinbhai
177370592059 Thakor Urvashiben Rajeshkumar
177370592047 Prajapati Radhika Ramesh
1819 Shah Komal Dineshbhai
1816 Joshi Devshreeben Chetanbhai
1853 Shukla Janhavi Hiteshkumar
Cricket Boys
1850 Sharma Suraj Anil
1835 Patel Tarpanbhai Jayeshbhai
1814 Gohil Karansinh Kantilal
1857 Vadadoriya Nikunj Rajeshbhai
1834 Patel Tanveer Imtiyaz
1842 Rana Krupal Rajendrakumar
1824 Parekh Devangkumar Shaileshbhai
1845 Rana Parikshitsinh Pravinsinh
1849 Shaikh Shabas Mohammad Iqbal
1859 Vasava Sandipkumar Ratilal
1840 Patil Dipeshkumar Jagdish
Vollyball Girls
1830 Patel Himaniben Vitthalbhai
1856 Tiwari Pratima Kamlesh
1810 Dudkiya Priya Pranjivanbhai
1829 Patel Hetalkumari Hitendrabhai
1803 Bhojwani Priyanka Rajesh
1819 Shah Komal Dineshbhai
Volleyball Boys
1834 Patel Tanveer Imtiyaz
1857 Vadadoriya Nikunj Rajeshbhai
1814 Gohil Karansinh Kantilal
1845 Rana Parikshitsinh Pravinsinh
1859 Vasava Sandipkumar Ratilal
1824 Parekh Devangkumar Shaileshbhai
1840 Patil Dipeshkumar Jagdish
Kho-Kho Girls
1811 Gandhi Srushti Jitesh
1830 Patel Himaniben Vitthalbhai
1856 Tiwari Pratima Kamlesh
1803 Bhojwani Priyanka Rajesh
1820 Mansuri Gausiyana Mohmedhanif
1808 Dave Harviben Rajeshkumar 
1852 Shinol Nehal Kesarisinh
1805 Chaudhary Divyani Rajpal
1839 Pathan Raishakhatun Imtiyazkhan
177370592047 Prajapati Radhika Ramesh
Carom - Boys
1849 Shaikh Shabas Mohammad Iqbal

Friday, January 18, 2019

Workshop for AICTE Approval Process 2019

Date: 16/1/2019
Venue: KCG, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


AICTE has organised one day workshop on Approval Process 2019. The main purpose on seminar was to understand new things introduce in the approval process. The E-governance was discussed various activities.

Mr. Kanu Raval attended the Workshop on behalf of NCM.

The workshop was very useful as far as approval process 2019-20 is concerned.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Date: 12/1/2019
Venue: NCM




A Workshop on Leadership ‘CO-CREATING TRANSFORMATION’ for MBA (first year) students was organized by Narmada College of Management (NCM). The workshop is spread across four months, to be conducted on second and fourth Saturdays of each month. It was inaugurated on 12th January, 2019, by Mr. Parijat Gupta Senior Manager, Aarti Industries Ltd. Jhagadia, Dr. Dipak Trivedi, Director Education, NEST, and Dr. Trupti Almoula, Director NCM. The aim of this workshop is to help build confidence, inculcate responsible behavior among the students, and pave the way for future inspirational leaders.

The session began with Dr. Trupti Almoula, inviting the guests and explaining the significance and need of the workshop for the students. Mr Parijat was felicitated with a book by Ms. Richa and Ms Purvi.

The Mentor of this workshop, Mr. Parijat Gupta, is an electrical engineer with an industry experience of more than twenty three years. At present Mr. Parijat Gupta is working with Aarti Industries Ltd. Jhagadia at a senior management position. Earlier he has worked with Grasim Industries Ltd. in various functions including finance. He is also associated with our college as a Visiting Faculty in the MBA Part Time Programme. He is passionate about teaching and though not from the teaching fraternity, is a great source of inspiration to all teachers.

Mr. Gupta started the workshop by highlighting the key learning outcomes. He delved into the connotation of the term CO-CREATE, which signifies team learning. We are in an era of disruption, where a world is getting destructed, and a world wants to be born. He threw some light on the journey of the transformation process, which requires an analysis of why, how and then what. Why? To transform ourselves, to actualize our highest future possibilities. How? Engaging through various tools like empathy walk, case clinics, journalizing. What? Many countries have proven this work. Success of this journey depends on the involvement of the participants i.e. students.

Mr. Gupta gave some ground rules for the workshop to the students. Then he spoke about the iceberg model to understand the global issues. Three major disruptions globally are

·         Ecological divide – Disconnect between Self and Nature
·         Social Divide – Disconnect between Self and Others
·         Spiritual Divide - Disconnect between Self and Self

As individuals we are creating things that we don’t want, and collectively we are doing things that we don’t intend to. This will result into a sustainability crisis for our future generations.

Next he showed a video of Apollo 8 lunar mission, on 24th December 1968 and the experiences of those astronauts fifty years after the expedition. He next asked students to speak about what was the best thing they found in the video. Students shared varied experiences.

With the help of this video of Apollo 8, the lunar mission he demonstrated what is required to deal with these disruptions. It is turning the Camera around towards oneself. The crux of the AV was self assessment. While the astronauts spent plenty of time turning the camera on each other and capturing themselves during other missions, or capturing the moon during the Apollo 8 mission, they thought to turn the camera around towards the earth (ourselves) and below is the astonishing photograph of the earthrise.

This is Earthrise, photographed by astronaut Bill Anders as he and his fellow Apollo 8 crewmen, Jim Lovell and Frank Borman, orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve, 1968.

After Tea break Mr. Gupta, posed two questions to the students based on the discussion on disruptions revolving around Ecological, Social and Spiritual divide.
·         According to you where do you find that a world is getting destructed?
·         Where do you find a world wanting to be born?
The participants expressed their views on these questions. It was decided that students need to make a fair copy of the same and it would be compiled for future review.
The participants found the session to be an eye opening one. They found it engaging where they could speak their heart out. 

National Level Awareness Programme [NLAP-2020]