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In the book review competition organized on 3rd October, 2019 Thursday, participants were required to give the book review on the following phases:

·       Introduction of the book (Title, Author of book, Introduction of author, Theme of the book, Main characters of book)
·       Brief of the book
·       Learning

And the time limit was 10-15 minutes.
Below given students had participated:

Nisha patel [Book: Wings of Fire
                     Author: Dr. Abdul Kalam]
Khusbu patel [Book: 3 Mistakes of My Life
                         Author: Chetan Bhagat]
Natasha Rana [Book: A Winter Night
                         Author: Munshi Premchand]
Sonu Varghese [Book: When We Were Yours
                            Author: Lisa Wingate]
Jinal Sheth [Book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
                    Author: Joseph Murphy]
Tanveer Patel [Book: What Management Is?
                        Author: Joan Magretta]

The winners of the book review competition were:
1st position – Jinal Sheth
2nd position – Natasha Rana, Nisha Patel

Group Discussion Report - Flair 2019

Date : 3rd October, 2019
Venue : NCM conference room

Group Discussion activity  was organized by Narmada College of Management, Bharuch on 3rd October, 2019 at NCM Conference Room, Bharuch. The major objective of the Group Discussion among the students, to observe their personality and skills, ability to discuss on the given subject and to guide them on how to take part in Group Discussions. The facilitator of this activity was Prof. Iramada Khan and coordinate by Raisha Khan. 

 The topic for the group discussion were:

1. English is an official language in India.
2. Are space research project waste of money.

list of participants who had taken part in the competition were:

Sr. No
Name of the participants
Chauhan Priyanshi
Dave Harvi
Dudkiya Priya
Chauhan Riya
Mistry Hemangini
Patel Farnaj
Patel Hetal
Patel Himani
Khan Raisha
Shinol Nehal
Shah Dharmi

The competition had been started at 3:00 pm the rules of the competition were:

·         Avoid dominance
·         Avoid interruption
·         Clarity of speech and thoughts
·         Avoid irrelevant talk
·         Appearance : formal attire
·         Time limit for each group : 20 minutes.

Evaluation Criteria for Group Discussion:

·         Knowledge of the subject
·         Listening
·         Communication skills
·         Way of presenting views
·         Leadership skills
·         Interaction skills

Winners of the Group Discussion:

1. Dave Harvi
2. Shah Dharmi

Benefits of Group Discussion are:

·         Increases students  interests and engagement
·         Provides Instructor with Feedback
·         Develops Students  Speaking Skills

Elocution Competition


Prepared BY:     Raisha Pathan
                        :    Jainul Pathan

Facilitated BY :  DR. Chetna Makwana
Coordinated By: Naviya Heena
                            : Arshi Khan

Narmada college of management had conducted  Flair 2019. in which  the Elocution competition was been held where the facilitator and the judge was DR. Chetna Makwana. The list of participants who had taken part in the competition were:

Names of the students
Raisha Pathan
Jainulabedin Pathan
Priyanka bhojwani
Aayushi Bhavsar
Sohana Bhura
Najnin Dhansurawala
Devang Parekh
Mahima Rana

Topic for the Elocutions were:-
1. Gandhi:- Where Do His Values Stand Today.
2. Would Social Media Have Helped Mahatma Gandhiji's Struggle Of Freedom.
3. Gandhiji A Transformational Leader.           

The competition had been started at 3.00 pm. the rules of the competition  were:
1. speech may not exceed 5 minutes.
2.  Warning bell would ring after 3 minutes.
3. there must be proper content and exposition to main theme.
4. there must be verbal clarity.

The main objective of elocution speech  is to check or evaluate these things in a person:
1. Grammar
2. pronunciation
3. Vocabulary
4. Posture
5. knowledge of the subject
6. Gesture

Elocution is the way or the manner of speaking or in simple words elocution is the skill of delivering the clear and expressive speech. Elocution speech is very important in our day to day life or when it comes to art of public speaking. it's  a lethal weapon. how? we have seen so many speeches and what we have noticed...


DMA organizes several national & international level conventions, conferences, events and forums which act as platforms for thought leadership. BDMA has envisioned the international & national issues & concerns and has provided worthwhile platforms for healthy debates and positive opinion building. Renowned experts from industry and business houses, educationists, researchers, government authorities and other eminent speakers of national repute make it perfect venue to embrace with the leading think tank and success icons.
Since its inception in 1982, BDMA has organized National Management Convention 7 times and prominent speakers and distinguished personalities took part in it.

On 20th and 21st September 2019 there was 8th national management convention of BDMA which was held at hotel Regenta in Bharuch. 10 students from Narmada College of management have been selected as a volunteer for this event. On 17th September, 6 volunteers were called for meeting held at hotel Gangotri from 7 p.m. and they were provided brief about the event and what would be their role in the event. For the event preparation few students were called on 18th and 19th September as well for preparing PowerPoint presentation and kit packing. The list of name of 10 volunteers are provided below

Sr. no.
Name of volunteer 
Sheth Jinal
Bhojwani Priyanka
Joshi ganesh
Pathan Jainulabedin
Shaikh Shebaz
Patel Dhruv
Vekariya Meera
Vargare Sonu
Sharma Suraj
Dudakiya Priya

on 20th September 2019 few volunteers were given task of handling registration, jinal and priyanka has been given task of back stage, and then task of crowd handling at the time of lunch was also given to us.

On Day 1 the events started with a prayer. Followed by welcome address by Shri Parag Sheth, president of BDMA and lightning of the lamp by all the dignitaries of the inaugural, Event chair, President. After that memento presentation was done to all the guests present in the event by the dignitaries. From 10:00- 10:10 a.m. purpose of the convention was described in brief by Shri N. K. Valecha, Event chairman- NMC 2019. Then onwards till 11:30 a.m. introduction and address by the guest of honor, chief guest was done by their dignitaries. After that a comfort break was given for 15 minutes for the refreshment. On first day broadly on 3 topics number of guest speakers was invited. Those 3 Section and their respective guests speaker are as below

Section 01: ‘Water: A Key to Sustainabe and Secure Future’
Guest speaker 1- shri B N Navalawala & Mr K A Patel
Guest speaker 2- Mr B.C. Warli
Guest speaker 3-Mr Pankaj Kumar jain

After the session 1 hour lunch break has been given for the refreshment.
Session 02: ‘Industry 4.0- Digital Transformation’
Guest speaker 1-Mr Ankur Pancholi
Guest speaker 2- Mr Sanath Kumar
Guest speaker 3- Mr Aseem Sinha

Tea break for 15 minutes has been given for the refreshment.
Session 03: ‘Operational Excellence’
Guest speaker 1- Mr Rajesh Chougale
Guest speaker 2- Ms Manisha Matanhelia
Guest speaker 3- Mr Himanshu Bhavsar

Day 1 event has been ended by distributing memento presentation to the guest speakers and the session chairman till 5:30 p.m.

DAY 2: 21st September 2019
As decided time 8:30 am all the volunteer reach the place where convention held. We meet the BDMA staff and in the meeting we cleared about our role as volunteer on 2nd day. We had done breakfast on early morning and according to our role we started our activities as decided.  As the schedule of day session was started with registration from the time onward 9:15 am to 10.00 am and registration desk was handled by Pathan     jainulabedin and Vakhariya Meera. Registration was about who had not register 1st day.

  Here table show about the schedule of session on 2nd day.

Sr. no.
Topic of session
Name of speakers from Companies

9.30 am to 11.00am

Development through global partnership
1.      Shri A.K. Choudhary-ITS
(Development Commissioner, Dahej SEZ)
2.      MR. Sanket Diwedi
(Head-Operation & supply chain,
Sika India Pvt Ltd.)
3.      Mr. Jochim Rocha
(Trade commissioner, Canada govt.)
4.      Mr. Chintan Shah
(Director- Tatvachintan Pharma
Chemical ltd)
11.oo am to 11.15
Tea break

11.15 am 12.45pm

Ensure environmental sustainability
1.      Dr. Atul Gupta
     (President, PI industries Ltd.)
2.  Mr. A.V. Shah
     (Sr. Env. Engg., GPCB)
3.  Dr. Mirtunjay Choubey
     (Global vice president, Env. And sustainability, UPL Ltd.)

12.45 pm to 1.30 pm

Lunch break
1.30 pm to 3.00 pm
Promote diversity and gender equality
1.      Dr. Indira Parikh
     (President, Antradisha)
2.      Mr. Manvendrasingh Gohil

3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

CSR : Reaching to community
1.      Dr. Amrenda
(PI industries)
2.      Mr. Rishi Pathania
3.      Mr. dilip Koradia
(Grasim, vilayat)
4.      Mr. hemraj Patel
(Relaiance, Dahej)
5.      Dr. Santosh Jacharias
(Jayaben Modi Hospital)
4.30 pm to 4.45 pm

Concluding session
4.45 pm Onward
High Tea and End of session

During whole session Patel Dhruv is helping Mr. Saurabh who is staff of BDMA and Sheth Jinal and Bhojwani Priyanka also supporting at back stage and all other volunteers are seated in the student seating arrangement and enjoyed whole session. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole session and we look forward to attain more of such events.

Prepared by – Jinal Sheth & jainul pathan
Submitted to – prof. Iram Khan

National Level Awareness Programme [NLAP-2020]