Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Faculty Meeting of South Zone – Management Institutes

Faculty Meeting of South Zone – Management Institutes
GTU Innovation Council Centre, Gandhi College of Engineering, Surat

Date : 04/08/2018, 17 :30 to 20 :00 hours


A faculty meeting of all the faculty members from GTU South Zone Management Institutes was held at GTU Innovation Council Centre, Gandhi College of Engineering, Surat.  Below mentioned faculty members attended.

  • Dr. S Kumar, Ex – Professor and Head, DBIM. VNSGU, SURAT,  (Invited Guest)
  • Dr. Trupti S Almoula, Dean, Faculty of Management, GTU and Director, NCM
  • Dr. Jimmy Kapadia, Director, SRLIM, Surat
  • Dr. Chetan Lad, Director, Naran Lala Institute of Management, Navsari
  • Dr. Sham Sachinwala, Director, S S Agarwal Institute of Management, Navsari
  • Dr. Snehal Mistry, Director, Bhagwan Mahaveer Institute of Management, Surat
  • Dr. Seema Kadam,  MES Institute of Business Management, Mandvi
  • Dr. Hiren Patel, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Delnaz Variava, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Parinaz Bharucha, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Rupal Khambhati, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Harshesh Patel, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Paresh Dave, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Pratiksinh, S Vaghela, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Drashti Shah, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Ashish Patil, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Nandish Upadhyay, SRLIM, Surat
  • Prof. Rahul Soni, M H Kadakia Insitute of Management, Ankleshwar
  • Prof. Ankit Shah, M H Kadakia Insitute of Management, Ankleshwar
  • Prof. Subhash Yadav, Narmada College of Management, Bharuch

The meeting began with a welcome address by the Dean, Faculty of Management, GTU, Dr. Trupti S Almoula,  who outlined the objective of this initiative and the results that were expected from the deliberations.

Dr. S Kumar, as a mentor and invited guest addressed all the faculty members by giving a perspective of management education and its evolution in South Gujarat, challenges faced and how the teaching fraternity was able to overcome them. He outlined the importance of re instituting the dignity and relevance of the MBA degree by making changes in teaching learning process of Management education.

All the Directors of the institute discussed their concern about some structural problems in the admission process due to which there is an acute shortfall of applicants for the program. Among the suggestions floated were advancing the admissions process by ACPC by at least two months, and starting Gujarat Common Entrance Test for MBA, once again.

Based on the discussions with faculty members and directors, a schedule of two day Faculty Development Programme was finalized on 11th and 26th August at the same venue for first semester subjects. Mentors and Resource persons for the same were decided by mutual consent.
A student orientation programme in the last week of August was also finalized in which two teams of resource persons will orient the students at all the institutes of south zone in the form on an intense half day workshop on the horizons of Management education.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Parinaz Bharucha.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Report on Annual function held on 10th Feb., 2018

Campus level event Annual Day was organized on 10th Feb., 2018.  In the first half, Event started with annual report reading by students’ representatives from NCM, NCSC and NCCA followed by Prize distribution ceremony. Students with high merits in academics were awarded.

In the second half, Students from all the colleges presented their talent through different dance forms, dramas, and singing. NCM also presented three performances appreciated by all audience. The theme on which dance was performed by us were Horror, Retro and Bhangra fusion. The event started at 6:00 PM and ended 9:00 PM

Report on Campus Navratri held on 11th Oct., 2017

NCM wholeheartedly participated in the Campus Navratri event which was organized on 11th Oct., 2017 at Narmada college campus. Ms. RashmiGhamawala was coordinator from NCM College. Students were mesmerized with the rhythm of Garba and Raas.

First three best players were awarded with trophy and prizes. Evaluation criteria considered were Costumes, Non-stop play, Garba pattern and Presentation style etc…
Ms. Vaisvi Mehta from MBA secured second position in this event. Students enjoyed the event very much 

Report on NHRD Meet attended on 22nd Nov, 2017

70th Uninterrupted NHRD meet was organized by National HRD Network, South Gujarat Chamber at Hotel Shalimar, Ankleshwar where NCM HR Faculties - DR. Trupti S. Almoula and Ms. RashmiGhamawala along with 5 HR students had actively participated.
1.     Ms. PrateeikshaPrakash
2.     Ms. FatemaSurati
3.     Mr. NIravRana
4.     Ms. Nikita Chauhan
5.     Ms. DharatiModi

The theme of the seminar was Talent Engagement. Different Industry experts gave presentation on this new concept and also they illustrated their practices in this area.
There were many take away and new learning from this session. The seminar started at 6:00 PM and ended at 9:00P.M.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Expert Lecture on GST

Date: 11 October, 2017
Venue: Narmada College of Management

On 11th of October, the session was held in MCA conference hall regarding GST by K.K Kamal.

He is Chartered Accountant by profession.

Previously, there were different tax rates in different states before GST came into existence. But with the birth of GST all the other/ unwanted taxes got removed.GST killed all the boundaries. Almost 22 countries removed boundaries. With the effect of GST, all the custom duties that were paid got removed.
Previously there were total 400 types of taxes that are now converted into one tax rate that is GST.


1. Intra
·         Central
·         State

2. Inter

Average 23% taxes were implied previously.

Now, the tax rate system has got more transparent.

In GST system, when the return is filed on time than the compliance goes up but when the return is filed late than the compliance goes down.

In GST, the matching concept is followed where all transactions are matched and the report is prepared thereafter.

The government interference has became much less as the transactions are been verified or assessed internally with one another.

Blacklist is been prepared for the defaulters and it is been put on the website of GST.

GST promotes democracy. Tax rate
Household-Personal care
Mobile phone

Monday, July 30, 2018

Report on Participation in Management Meet “CONVEGNO”

Date: 09/02/2018
Venue: Indukaka Ipco wala institute of management at Charotar University of science and technology

Mr. Karan Motiyani, Mr. Hozefa Palejwala & Mr. Smit Patel, students of Narmada College of Management participated in the Management meet “CONVEGNO” organized by Indukaka Ipco wala institute of management at Charotar University of science and technology on 9th and 10th February, 2018.

It provided a great opportunity to students for participating in a wide range of events. The most beneficial aspects of getting involved in management events is that it offers the chance to develop and build skills. It is a great way to build professional skills including leadership, teamwork, communication and prioritization.

It leads to great friendships and new networking opportunities and Builds self-confidence.It also allows branching out and meeting students outside of immediate social circle. Participation in management meet creates lifelong memories and provides a more memorable college experience.

College fests serve a break that though drains the students out of the physical energy, mentally gives them an energy boost that replenished their minds.

The activities in such events help students to upgrade their skills and to expand the degree of vision. It also provides way of looking at situations from multiple perspectives.

In the Management meet “CONVEGNO”, Mr. Karan Motiyani, Mr. Hozefa Palejwala & Mr. Smit Patel, students of Narmada College of Management had participated in the events namely
1) Business Idea,
2) Treasure Hunt &
3) Mind Spot.

Participation in the above events gave them an inspiration of thinking innovatively and an exposure to talent of the different institutes. Students from different institutes presented their unique Business Idea and the mix of questions like logical reasoning, English grammar, Mathematics in Mind spot activity gave them a way of thinking in different spheres.Students were glad to get such opportunities which give them a way to participate in such events of different institutes.

Mr. Kiran Gohil student of second year MBA bagged third prize In ANVESHAN 2017, A National level Research Paper & Summer Project Presentation competition

Date: 9th September 2017
Venue: Faculty of Management Studies, Parul University, Vadodara

In today’s multifarious, complex and vibrant business environment, management students are expected to be good at soft skills which include people skills, social skills, communication skills etc.  Soft skills have gained significance in the workplace environment. If one cannot present his/her thoughts, either verbally or in writing correctly, he/she may lose an opportunity of a lifetime. No matter what profile one works for or what designation he/she has, presentation skills must be developed and honed overtime.

For MBA students Summer Trainings provide the first exposure to the real industry environment. They prepare the students in deciding upon which area they are going to specialize, and hence pave the way for their final placements. During the two months internship program, management interns work on challenging projects and play a key role in enhancing the business performance of organizations

Faculty of Management Studies, Parul University, Vadodara organised an event Anveshan 2017 on 9th September 2017 to enrich the learning path of MBA students. Anveshan 2017 was an inter college one day Research Paper & Summer Project Presentation competition for management students across B-schools in India to identify and acknowledge the ‘Best Research Paper & Project.’

There were about thirty entries from different b-schools across Gujarat.  Mr. Kiran’s topic of study was “ETHICS AT WORKPLACE”, which he had completed at GLENMARK PHARMACUETICALS LTD., DAHEJ for a period of 6 weeks. Such contests boost the morale and confidence of the students and help them shape their personality.

Faculty Meeting of South Zone – Management Institutes

Faculty Meeting of South Zone – Management Institutes GTU Innovation Council Centre, Gandhi College of Engineering, Surat Date : 0...