Saturday, March 26, 2016

Guest Lecture on "Personal Taxation”

Date: 12/3/2016
Venue: NCM

On 12th March Guest lecture was organised by Narmada College of Management. The lecture was guided by CMA Arvind R.Patel who working with GNFC since 1982 and also associated ass visited faculty with the BVB programme. The lecture was organised by 2nd year MBA students on Direct and Indirect tax. He believes that students should be more analytical and have good conceptual clarity of the fundamentals of their projects. We learnt a concept of Income tax act, VAT, CST, GST from him about a direct and indirect tax and how it would be helped in our career. We also learnt that how we can get tax benefit under various sections in personal taxation in our life. So it was a learning and interactive session where he answered all the queries of students to their full satisfaction.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016




DATE: 17/03/2016, THURSDAY, 12:00 TO 13:00 HRS



Shri Pankaj Aundhiya, District Supplies Officer, Bharuch
Shri S S Chaudhary – Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology and Consumer Affairs – Bharuch and Narmada District
Shri Shailesh Vasava – Drug Inspector, Bharuch
Shri A R Valvi – Food and Safety Officer, Bharuch
Other officers  On the dais : Shri N R Prajapati, Mamlatdar, Bharuch, Shri S B Agrawal, Designated Officer, Food and Drugs Administration, Bharuch

As part of the consumer week celebrations, the government officials from Bharuch Collectorate organized an interaction with the Management students on consumer awareness and its importance in life. The session was interactive, lively and full of information for the students.

Speaking on the occasion Shri S S Chaudhary, gave important information on the consumer grievance process and the options available to consumers for grievance redressal. He informed the audience that several good provisions are there for consumer protection.

Shri Shailesh Vasava and Shri A R Valvi also spoke on the occasion.

Concluding the session with his presidential address Shri Pankaj Aundhiya urged the students to be responsible citizens and inspired all the students with his powerful speech.

The session ended with some interesting case studies on consumer awareness and consumer action.

Participation of NCM in Brainstorming session on "My Genius Idea for gender equality" organized by JCI, Ankleshwar

Participation of NCM in Brainstorming session on "My Genius Idea for gender equality" organized by JCI, Ankleshwar

Date: 17/3/2016

Venue: NCM

Junior Chamber International, Ankleshwar, an Non Profit Organization promoting youth for better society had organized an event on 17th march,2016. at NCM

The students of MBA first year and three students of second year took part in this event.

Two groups from first year presented the skit on the topic of ''Gender Inequality'' where the winner team consist of Krupa,Chaitali,Amrin,Shrungali,Komal,Resha,Priya,Kinjal and runnerup team consist of Shashi,Sneha,Majid,Shakil,Tabrej,Riya,Darshita

The former  President of JCI Mr.Deepak Nahar, Project Head of JCI Mr. Saurabh Boliya,
Co-ordinator, Mr.Darshan Jani interacted with the students. An eye opening session was handled by JCI Deepak Nahar 

Several ideas were received from students. They are as follows:
Contributed Ideas
Self-defense training
Emotionally Strong - girls shouldn't be depressed
Strict rules against dowry system
Woman should be promoted for leadership
Marriage age should be increased
Economic empowerment-by Developing entrepreneurial skills
There should be a day as holiday for woman(homemaker)
Transportation facility for only girls - safety during night shifts
Educating girls
Affordable education
Mindset should be changed i.e woman should support woman
Strict law and order
Parental behaviour should be in such a way that shows equality among boys and girls
Eradicating Reservations
Why control is only on girls?
Patrolling(police) for woman's safety
Why can't a boy after marriage leave his own house and move to girl's house?
Girls shouldn't be taught to be dependent on others. this teaching should be initiated from one's home(parental)
Why field work is not encouraged to girls?
There is lot of biasness in case of girls.

Three best ideas were awareded by them
First position: Mubassira
second position: Bhavin & Adhwaith
third position; Mamta
These ideas and skit will be sent by them to 92Y, an International level NGO.
The programme was coordinated by Faculty Ms. Rashmi Ghamawala.

Students participation in "Khel Mahakumbh Event - 2016"

Report on participation in Khel Mahakumbh event

Date: 9/2/2016

 On the occasion of Khel Mahakumbh , Khilji  Amrin  from first year MBA participated in the athletic games which included Javelin throw, short-put throw and Discus throw, held on 23th January ,2016 at Taluka level.

She secured first position in Javelin throw and third position short-put and Discus throw at Taluka level.

She was awarded with cash prize money of Rs.750/- for securing first position in Javelin throw.

She got an opportunity to represent her performance at district level competition in Javelin throw category, which was held on 9th February, 2016 where she secured second position and for which she was awarded cash prize money of Rs. 3000/- for the same.

NCM takes a pride for her victory

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Students Participation in Competition on "Rainbows of activities" at SVMIT (BDMA)

Date: 22/2/2016
Venue: SVMIT, Bharuch

Bharuch District Management Association organised Competitions at SVMIT College, Bharuch; on 22nd February,2016.

The theme : Rainbows of activities

Competitions like:
                             Public speaking Competition
                             Poster Making Competition
                             Lessons learnt from movies

Two students of Narmada college of Management took part in Public Speaking Competition on the topic "Face Book or Face to Face?"

Public speaking competition - Participants:

1. Stella Simon        MBA-1
2.Sneha Kushwaha  MBA-1

Students had a good experience and was appreciated with participation certificate. It helped students to know where they stand and what improvisation has to be done to become a good orator. Not only Communication but to be a Good and Modest communicator one has to develop oneself every day in words by learning new words each day.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Students' Participation at DBIM, Surat "The Invincible Unleash Yourself"

Date: 29th Jan 2016

Venue:: DBIM, Surat

DBIM(DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT) had organized an inter college management test for one day. i.e. on 29th Jan 2016, with the objective of developing & showcasing students talent in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

There were in all various events divided in two phase:
First Phase had event like: 

·         Start up Sutra, Dash for Cash, Treasure Hunt, Best Out of Waste.

Second Phase had events like:

·         Stock Market Game, Last man Standing, Market Kshetra, Biz Manch, Smart.
Students of Narmada College of Management took part wholeheartedly & Enthusiastic under the leadership of Dr. Trupti S. Almola and guidance of Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala.

Total 53 students  from NCM had participated, where in 31 is from MBA 1st Year and 22 is from MBA 2nd Year. Most of student participate in two games.

Participated in Events-4 Events.

·         In the first phase, Team of 4 students participated in Startup Sutra, 48 students participated in Dash for Cash Events.
·         In the second phase total 28 student participated in Smart Falcon and 13 students participated in Stock Market Game

Key Learning:

·         Participation in these events helped student to know where they stand and what improvisation needs to be done to become best in this competitive scenario.

·         Students also gained practical implimentation of management lesson by selling products and services and thereby earning profit from their in Dash for Cash event.

·         Student also gained management lesson from movie clips and relating them with management cocepts.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Guest Lecture on "5'S" at Narmada College of Management

REPORT ON Guest Lecture on "5'S" at Narmada College of Management

On 20th February, 2016 Mr.Bhalchandra Bhavasar from Saint Gobain India Company who is Team Leader of Technical department of the company took guest lecturer on 5S. He introduce and guide the students about how this 5S are use in organization and its importance in success of any organization. 

 He highlighted some important points of 5's followed by showing a Video clip about 5s of their Company.

Important points about 5s Which are as follows :

1. Set-up : The process of making something (such as a machine or computer program) ready to be used.
ü The way that something is done or organized.
ü Available as and when require.
ü Prepare a chart of product list
ü Put indicator in system which highlight if anything wrongly setup

2. Sort :

ü Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly.
ü  Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.
ü  Reduce chance of being disturbed with unnecessary items.
ü  Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items.
ü  Evaluate necessary items with regard to cost or other factors.
ü  Remove all parts not in use.
ü  Waste removal.

3. Shine :
ü  Clean your workplace completely
ü  Use cleaning as inspection
ü  Prevent machinery and equipment deterioration
ü  Keep workplace safe and easy to work
ü  Keep work place clean and pleasing to work in

4. Standardization :
ü  Standardize the best practices in the work area.
ü  Maintain high standards and workplace organization at all times.
ü  Maintain orderliness. Maintain everything in order and according to its standard.
ü  Everything in its right place.
ü  Every process has a standard.

5. Sustain :
ü  To keep in working order
ü  Also translates as "do without being told"
ü  Perform regular audits
ü  Training and Discipline
ü  Training is goal oriented process. Its resulting feedback is necessary monthly

At last, He also told about that Safety which is emerge as 6's in the global industry world and company's are also look forward to focus on this. 

From this lecturer Students get to know about how firms use the 5'S as an important tool in organization also how it can be useful in our day to day life.

the session was ended with the question-answers and sir had asked the students if they are interested to continue the lecture next time.

NCM participation in Bixcellence event, UTU

Report on NCM participation in Bixcellence event, UTU

The UTU had organized the management event name -BizXcellence -2016 on 30th Jan., 2016. In this event total 8 students participated from NCM  in two events -stock market game and quiz competition.

 3 students who participated in  quiz competition were:

1.Patel Kaushal (SY MBA)
2.Vasava Chandresh (SY MBA)
3. Patel Dhaval  (FY MBA)

While 5 students participated in stock market game were

1.Patel Divya (SY MBA)
2.Patel Vipul (SY MBA)
3.Rana Pratixa (SY MBA)
4.Patel karan (SY MBA)
5.Pandya Harshil (SY MBA)

It was a good learning experience by the students who participated in the event.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Students Participation in "Battle of Brains" organised by Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce

Date: 6th, 12th & 21st February, 2016

Venue: Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce, Surat


A Report on
"Battle of Brains"
organised by
Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce

Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce had organised a competition (Battle of Brains) for all the management colleges of South Gujarat. in this competition students were provided with the live cases wherein they were required to give solutions for the given business problem.

Various colleges across South Gujarat had participated in the event.  Three teams from Narmada College of Management had participated in the competition. There were three levels. In each level particular group of students were given particular business cases. The best teams were qualified for the next levels.

Level 1:

Team 1
Level I
Level II
Level III
Abhik Shah
Pillai Coaching Classes
Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce
Market Hub
Dharmika Bhavsar
Pushpak Parmar

Team 2:
Level I
Level II
Level III
Harsha Choudhry
Parizo The Club
Gati Softech
Market Hub
Adhwaith Pillai
UmarFaruk Mulla

Team 3:
Level I
Level II
Level III
Anuradha Prajapati
Directly qualified for level- II
Dhirajsons, the Mega Store
Steven Thomas
Simrankaur Bassi

Out of all the three teams, Team-I and Team-II were qualified for the final round. Team-II (Adhwaith Pillai, Harsha Choudhry, UmarFaruk Mulla) won the competition "Battle of Brains". They were awarded with the trophy, certificates, and cash price of Rs.5000.

Team-I (Abhik Shah, Dharmika Bhavsar, Pushpak Parmar) became the Second runner up. They were given certificates and cash price of Rs.2000. They also won the lucky draw of Rs.500.

The competition helped the students to co-relate classroom teachings with the practical aspects of business. Participating in the event made the student to have a market insight and to know the business scenario in detail.