Friday, March 11, 2016

Guest Lecture on "5'S" at Narmada College of Management

REPORT ON Guest Lecture on "5'S" at Narmada College of Management

On 20th February, 2016 Mr.Bhalchandra Bhavasar from Saint Gobain India Company who is Team Leader of Technical department of the company took guest lecturer on 5S. He introduce and guide the students about how this 5S are use in organization and its importance in success of any organization. 

 He highlighted some important points of 5's followed by showing a Video clip about 5s of their Company.

Important points about 5s Which are as follows :

1. Set-up : The process of making something (such as a machine or computer program) ready to be used.
ü The way that something is done or organized.
ü Available as and when require.
ü Prepare a chart of product list
ü Put indicator in system which highlight if anything wrongly setup

2. Sort :

ü Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly.
ü  Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.
ü  Reduce chance of being disturbed with unnecessary items.
ü  Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items.
ü  Evaluate necessary items with regard to cost or other factors.
ü  Remove all parts not in use.
ü  Waste removal.

3. Shine :
ü  Clean your workplace completely
ü  Use cleaning as inspection
ü  Prevent machinery and equipment deterioration
ü  Keep workplace safe and easy to work
ü  Keep work place clean and pleasing to work in

4. Standardization :
ü  Standardize the best practices in the work area.
ü  Maintain high standards and workplace organization at all times.
ü  Maintain orderliness. Maintain everything in order and according to its standard.
ü  Everything in its right place.
ü  Every process has a standard.

5. Sustain :
ü  To keep in working order
ü  Also translates as "do without being told"
ü  Perform regular audits
ü  Training and Discipline
ü  Training is goal oriented process. Its resulting feedback is necessary monthly

At last, He also told about that Safety which is emerge as 6's in the global industry world and company's are also look forward to focus on this. 

From this lecturer Students get to know about how firms use the 5'S as an important tool in organization also how it can be useful in our day to day life.

the session was ended with the question-answers and sir had asked the students if they are interested to continue the lecture next time.

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