Monday, March 23, 2015


Date: 09/03/2015
Venue: Narmada College of Management
By: NCM in association with JCI (NGO), Bharuch

NCM in collaboration with JCI, NGO, Bharuch chapter had celebrated International Women’s Day on 9th March, 2015 where all our MBA first year students actively participated.

On this occasion we organized an Essay writing competition on theme “Beti Bachao” (Save a Girl Child).

The essay was evaluated by JCI team and our 5 students who won the competition were awarded and appreciated on stage. The names of student who won the competition were:-

1. Indrajit Gohil
2. Namrata Singh
3. Nikit sinh
4. Mansi Gohil
5. Archita Patel

President of JCI delivered a speech on Role and Importance of Women in the society. Further she also elaborated that what her team does under her leadership for upliftment of women in the society and invited student also to join such campaign.

JCI team thanked our Director for supporting and organizing such event.

NCM' is Progressively on its grading in various B-School Surveys

Narmada College of Management (NCM) feels glad to share that over the last few years, the College is progressively on its grading in various B-School Surveys.

1. The Higher Education Review, Beyond IIMs- B-School Survey March - 2015 had 4000 plus nominations nationwide. In the top 100 B-Schools all over India, 4 Institutes of Gujarat are listed out of which we stand 3rd after IRMA-Anand, M. S. Patel Institute of Management - Vadodara and followed by B. K. School of Management at the 4th rank (out of the Institutes listed from Gujarat).

2. The Business India B-School survey - December 2014 also rated NCM as A+ grade after A grade in October, 2010.

3. In the India Management B-School survey, November 2014, NCM is rated at A4.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Training on Communication and Presentation Skills

Date: 17/03/2015
Venue: Narmada College of Management
By: Ms. Divya Dave








Ms. Divya Dave was here today for her session on Communication and Presentation skills. She dealt with MBA - I and MBA - II separately for two hours each.

The emphasis for MBA-I on : Knowing oneself and Believing on oneself , building the confidence of public speaking through various exercises, importance of communication in personal, professional, social and spiritual life, modes of communication with special emphasis on types of verbal and non- verbal communication, importance and art of expressing oneself - thoughts and feelings, learning to connect with the audience in order to be an impactful and effective present or and public speaker. 

The emphasis for MBA-II was on : art of building a comfort level with the audience/ listener, why and how of response / feedback, mirroring through eye contact, effective listening, making an impactful presentation - various a aspects with special emphasis on leaning to create a strong voice and modulating ones voice and reading people's mind through eye movements.

Overall an effective session.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Date: 25/02/2014
Venue: Narmada College of Management





GTU in association with Rathgeber & Partner-GmbH – Germany has intended to launch a computer based Business Simulation Course for the management students of semester-3 as a part of MBA Curriculum. The students having the hands-on practice of this software in Semester III, it can be very well utilized in Semester IV in their practical projects like GCSR and CP.

Students will be asked to make and analyses of various strategies related to Finance, Marketing, HR or Production etc. with the help of this Business Simulation program. It gives various hypothetical situations, options and alternatives to the students to analyze the business strategies with the help of this software. This is a very useful program for Management students, which provides student an opportunity to participate in the process of analyzing complex, industry-defined problems, requiring short, medium and long-term planning in a realistic environment under a risk free environment. The main Strategic decision fields are marketing, production, logistics and finance a. As a first step of this initiative, GTU is going to train the Faculties of MBA for this particular course to let them understand the basic structure and fundamental technicality of the course.

As a part faculty orientation, the company organized the orientation programme at various locations. Narmada College of Management was selected as the as the venue for South Gujarat Region. On 25the February 2015, the program was held during 10.30 to 13.30. 14 Faculties from various Management colleges of South Gujarat Region participated in the workshop. The list of participants is enclosed with this report.

The simulation program has the following advantages

o   Practical & activity based program enhances the Managerial skills, decision making skills, can develop critical thinking skill, increase entrepreneurship ability, increase department integration knowledge, experience the real industry set up and run activities
o   Can experiment multiple theory for Industrial Entrepreneurship
o   Increase confidence level before joining industry
o   World wide student community accepted program as part of their curriculum
o   Suitable & recommended for the students of Management, Business & Engineering.
o   Comprehensive study coverage of domain. (Marketing, Finance, H.R and Production)
o   German Certification from Rathgeber & Partner –GmbH
o   Training to Trainers for execution of the program and technical Support

The workshop flow was as follows…
a)     Introduction of Business Simulation
b)     Presentation with program Features
c)      Practical Demonstration of the program & its operations
d)     Question Answer Session

During the Question Answer Session, various suggestions were given by participating faculties as follows.

Simulation Activity can be introduced in semester 2 as a part of subject – Management Information System.  And along with that we can give them learning on various functional departments. By doing this, we can enable students to make use of BS in SIP where they will be working with organizations and real time problems.  
-       Dr. S. H. Mistry

Two day FDP [0.5 Day for orientation; 1 day for playing through simulation; 0.5 day for Analysis] should be organized.  The Business Simulation can be offered as an elective in semester III. We can allow the test round (free) as a tool for awareness and also for the priming the students.
-          Dr. Ravi Vaidya

FDP of two days should be conducted and practice is needed to have hands over the Business Simulation.
-          Prof. Prabin Chandra Padhy & Prof. Parag More

Business Simulation must be linked with core subjects in Semester 2 & then in consequent projects and further subjects in next semesters. Less teaching through books should be practiced & Game based learning should be introduced.

-          Dr. Kedal Shukla

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Date: 15th February, 2015.


A state level Inter college competition was organized by Bhagwan Mahavir college of Management on 15th February, 2015.
There were 10 Participants from our college. Their event and details are as follows                   
Events – Students

1. Nisha Barad
2. Mantur patel
3. Divya Rana
4. Mita Jadav
5. Chandresh Vasava

Status in Event: Reach till Semi-finals

1. Soyab Sidat
2. Alkesh Mistry
3. Umarfaruk Mulla

Status in Event: Knock-out round

1.Damini Soni
2.Parul Patel

Status in Event: Reach till Semi-finals

·         Learn to manage time
·         Brain storming
·         New contact (New friends)
·         Enjoyed the experience

UTSAV 2015 : Sports Day – Ramat Utsav & Ganga Rang Utsav

Date: 12th February, 2015
By: Narmda Education Campus
Venu: Narmada College Sports Ground





The Sports Day for Narmada Campus was scheduled on 12th February, 2015. The Chief Guest of the Sports Day was Shri R. B. Panchal – CS & GM, GNFC Ltd and Trustee, NEST. The Director Educator Education, Dr Pankaj Jani motivated the students by his presence.\

Our College, Narmada College of Management, very actively participated in sports day in all the organized events. The events were – Race 100m (Boys/Girls), Race 200m (Boys/Girls), Relay Race 4 x 100m (Boys/Girls), Javelin Throw (Boys/Girls), Discuss Throw (Boys/Girls) and Shot Put (Boys/Girls).

Around 50 Students participated in college level screening and finals as well. The games were held as schedule attached with the report.

Further, Narmada College of Management was given task of conducting all the throw events: Javelin Throw (Boys/Girls), Discuss Throw (Boys/Girls) and Shot Put (Boys/Girls).

Mr. Kunal Mojidra, Mr. D. D. Mehta and a group of volunteers worked hard to prepare the grounds for the throw events on 10th February and for organizing and managing the assigned events on 11th February, 2015.

The students of Narmada College of Management also participated in March Past on Sports Day 12th February.  The finals for race events were held after that.

Then it was followed by Price Distribution. Students who excelled at various levels – Campus, State and Nation were awarded prizes.

Two Students of Narmada College of Management won prizes in the event.

1.      Patel Kaushal – Sem II – 1st Position – Discuss Throw
2.      Sinha Neharani – Sem IV – 3rd Position – Discuss Throw
The Vote of thanks for the Ramat Utsav 2015 was given by Mr. Kunal Mojidra.
The Ramat Utsav 2015 has served as an inspiration for all the students.

Ranga Rang Utsav:

UTSAV is an annual event celebrated every year by Narmada college campus wherein students of NCSC, NCCA and NCM showcase their talent through various cultural activities. Our NCM student also participated in UTSAV-2015 whole heartedly.
Two forms of Dance performance was displayed by NCM depicting Maharastrian and South Indian culture.
Students from MBA second year (Girls) performed Marathi – laavni style dance, praising lord Ganesha on a popular song “DEVA SHRI GANESHA” by using prop as lesuims.
Our first year students (group of boys and girls) performed on south Indian free style dance on famous Tamil song “APPADI PODE PODE”
Both dance forms performed were full of energy, expressions, graceful and live on stage.

Our both performances were appreciated by Management and Audience as well.