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UTSAV 2015 : Sports Day – Ramat Utsav & Ganga Rang Utsav

Date: 12th February, 2015
By: Narmda Education Campus
Venu: Narmada College Sports Ground





The Sports Day for Narmada Campus was scheduled on 12th February, 2015. The Chief Guest of the Sports Day was Shri R. B. Panchal – CS & GM, GNFC Ltd and Trustee, NEST. The Director Educator Education, Dr Pankaj Jani motivated the students by his presence.\

Our College, Narmada College of Management, very actively participated in sports day in all the organized events. The events were – Race 100m (Boys/Girls), Race 200m (Boys/Girls), Relay Race 4 x 100m (Boys/Girls), Javelin Throw (Boys/Girls), Discuss Throw (Boys/Girls) and Shot Put (Boys/Girls).

Around 50 Students participated in college level screening and finals as well. The games were held as schedule attached with the report.

Further, Narmada College of Management was given task of conducting all the throw events: Javelin Throw (Boys/Girls), Discuss Throw (Boys/Girls) and Shot Put (Boys/Girls).

Mr. Kunal Mojidra, Mr. D. D. Mehta and a group of volunteers worked hard to prepare the grounds for the throw events on 10th February and for organizing and managing the assigned events on 11th February, 2015.

The students of Narmada College of Management also participated in March Past on Sports Day 12th February.  The finals for race events were held after that.

Then it was followed by Price Distribution. Students who excelled at various levels – Campus, State and Nation were awarded prizes.

Two Students of Narmada College of Management won prizes in the event.

1.      Patel Kaushal – Sem II – 1st Position – Discuss Throw
2.      Sinha Neharani – Sem IV – 3rd Position – Discuss Throw
The Vote of thanks for the Ramat Utsav 2015 was given by Mr. Kunal Mojidra.
The Ramat Utsav 2015 has served as an inspiration for all the students.

Ranga Rang Utsav:

UTSAV is an annual event celebrated every year by Narmada college campus wherein students of NCSC, NCCA and NCM showcase their talent through various cultural activities. Our NCM student also participated in UTSAV-2015 whole heartedly.
Two forms of Dance performance was displayed by NCM depicting Maharastrian and South Indian culture.
Students from MBA second year (Girls) performed Marathi – laavni style dance, praising lord Ganesha on a popular song “DEVA SHRI GANESHA” by using prop as lesuims.
Our first year students (group of boys and girls) performed on south Indian free style dance on famous Tamil song “APPADI PODE PODE”
Both dance forms performed were full of energy, expressions, graceful and live on stage.

Our both performances were appreciated by Management and Audience as well.

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