Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Training on Communication and Presentation Skills

Date: 17/03/2015
Venue: Narmada College of Management
By: Ms. Divya Dave








Ms. Divya Dave was here today for her session on Communication and Presentation skills. She dealt with MBA - I and MBA - II separately for two hours each.

The emphasis for MBA-I on : Knowing oneself and Believing on oneself , building the confidence of public speaking through various exercises, importance of communication in personal, professional, social and spiritual life, modes of communication with special emphasis on types of verbal and non- verbal communication, importance and art of expressing oneself - thoughts and feelings, learning to connect with the audience in order to be an impactful and effective present or and public speaker. 

The emphasis for MBA-II was on : art of building a comfort level with the audience/ listener, why and how of response / feedback, mirroring through eye contact, effective listening, making an impactful presentation - various a aspects with special emphasis on leaning to create a strong voice and modulating ones voice and reading people's mind through eye movements.

Overall an effective session.

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