Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Lecture on "Infrastructure Development for National Development"


A Guest Lecture was held on 15/03/2012 by Mr. V. S. Jha, Sr. DCM-Western Railway, Vadodara as per following schedule:

11.40 to 12.55 for MBA - II
01.40 to 02.55 for MBA - I

Mr. V S Shirohi & Mr. Vansia from GNFC were present in the second session.

All faculty members attended the lecture.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Lecture for Marketing Club

6th & 7th March, 2012

Cluster: Banking

Talk 1: Marketing practices at Axis Bank

Speaker- Shri. Chintan Mehta, Relationship Manager, Axis Bank, Bharuch

On 06/03/2012 at 1500 hours at NCM Conference Hall.

Talk 2: The transformation of State Bank of India in the changing scenario

Speaker- Shri.Mukesh Desai, Regional Manager, SBI, Bharuch

On 07/03/2012 at 1500 hours at NCM Conference Hall

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Lecture on VRS for MBA Sem-IV (HR) Students


As part of the 5th Module of their subject on "Strategic Human Resources Management" the students of MBA Sem-II (HR Specialisation) were oriented to the VRS system of Dena Bank and why and how the VRS Scheme worked as an Instrument of Strategic change for the Bank.

The speakers on the subject were:
  1. Shree Hemalbhai Zaveri
    • Retired Manager - Dena Bank
    • Worked with Dena Bank for 40 Years
  2. Shree Natwarbhai J. Doctoriwala
    • Retired Branch Manager -  Dena Bank
    • Worked with Dena Bank for 40 Years
List of Students attended:
  1. Smirali Soni
  2. Mukesh Parmar
  3. Faijan Mansui
  4. Mamta Verma
  5. Bhavesh Parmar
Topics Covered:
  • What is VRS?
  • Why VRS?
  • Eligibility Criteria for VRS
  • Benefit to Employee
  • Benefit to Employer

Friday, March 9, 2012

Alumni Meet 2012


  • Mr.V.S.Sirohi presided as the Chief Guest of the function. He bless the occasion & Mr. S.K.Thakkar & Mr.P.H.gandhi messages were also conveyed to all.
  • 65 Alumni Participated in this meet with their family.
  • The list of Alumni who participated is as enclosed.
  • The programmed details are also mentioned as shown in the invitation.
  • The programme started at 10.30am & went an till 6.00pm.
  • The Placement Agencies that visited as follows.
1)     Mr.Bakul Bhatt           - Perfect Placement Bureau            - 9825225299
2)     Mr.K.V.Chavda          - Oxford Placement                           - 9377412692
3)     Mr.N.S.Zala                -         - 8000230615
4)     Mr.Nilesh Barot         - Placement Services                       - 9825728860
                        (Could not come)

The following were:-
·        Convert the odd into opportunities.
·        Pick up opportunities if you want to be a leader otherwise be a   follower.
·        Nothing is impossible just do it.
·        See beyond the obvious benefits.
·        Team work is essential – New Teams will keep forming learn to be adaptable to new teams.
·        It is one’s own skills that matter.
·        One must learn to sell oneself.
·        Work works.
·        Be ready to work in remote locations.
·        Discipline is utmost important.
·        Create a road map for oneself.
·        Have a vision before you choose you are of specialization.
·        Have a vision as to why you are doing MBA.
·        Learn to get your hands dirty.
·        It is important to understand basics, then learn to manage them MBA is not the end.
·        Match your skills to the market needs.
·        Have the passion in you to excel inspite of odds.
·        Management will make life stressful as they are paying you well.
·        But almost stresses learn to enjoy your job.
·        Face challenges & take responsibility of over caring them.
·        Learn to be an entrepreneur / intrapreneur.
·        Look at what is your inner institute – follows it – Money will follow you – First prove yourself.
·        Drive yourself – don’t be driven by others.
·        Do what you are committed about – let others say what they like.
·        Preserve and achieve goals.
·        Obstacles will come – Find solutions – Don’t cry over problems.
·        Look for what next.
·        Fresher will find difficulties in getting Jobs – Be open to this challenge & face it boldly.
·        Change is imperative – Don’t be rigid if you want to grow.
·        Go to the depth of any given subject.
·        Theories & their applications – both are important.
·        Freshers are like Blank states – You can create and that you wish
·        The market is open. There are many opportunities.
·        Banking is very challenging.
·        Dream – Think – Act.
·        Have the inner motivation.
·        Organization & Activities will have partially structures & partially unstructured presence – face it.
·        Utilize the knowledge of your graduation as well.
·        Respect & value people & task to be in profession.
·        Be very confident.
·        Use the available Time & platform of the college to develop your personality.
·        Exhibit loyalty where you go.
·        Use Summer Training period as a very useful time & opportunity to orient yourself to industry practices & culture.
·        Look at what is in it for me.
·        Grab opportunities.
·        Teachers are our mentors.
·        Go and attend lectures outside – gain exposure.
·        Learn from the people.
·        Talk to students of other colleges.
·        Be bold in taking decision.
·        There is tough completion everyone is doing MBA position yourself such that recruiters say “Here is this guy”.
·        If you love your job then nothing is stressful.
·        The more you communicated the more you will learn.
·        Move and learn more into industry / market / organizations.
·        Duly studying syllabus will be no use.
·        Be open, be confident and give more views.
·        Me mobile, keep earning.
·        Discipline is most important.
·        Be good at communication.
·        Attitude will justify decision.
·        Experience more & thereby learn more.
·        Work hard – you will be rewarded.
·        We must prove ourselves. Competition is there, but opportunities are also there.
·        Apply your learning.
·        Believe in yourself.
·        Go to the depth of business.
·        Exhibit sincerity.
·        Only the fittest will survive.
·        Flexibility & Adoptability are most important for “A Rolling stone gathers no mess”.
·        Prove yourself through your skills & competences.
·        Grab whatever opportunities that you can.
·        Sharper your saw.
·        Plan to achieve your objectives.
·        Take everything in its stride.
·        Don’t develop over comfortless to leads to complacency.
·        Enjoy every job you do.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

IDP Presentation & Poster Competition at NCM


Under GTU Innovation Council, Ankleshwar-Bharuch Sankul (Management Faculty) Students' "IDP Presentation & Poster Competition" has been organised at NCM. Detailed Report is as under:

Event Date: 27/02/2012

Venue: Narmada College of Management, Bharuch

Name of Participating Colleges:
  1. Narmada College of Management, Bharuch
  2. M. H. Kadakia Institute of Management, Ankleshwar
  3. R. R. Tanti Institute of Management, Ankleshwar
Name of Contest:
  1. IDP/UDP Paper Presentation (2 Team each Institute)
  2. IDP/UDP Poster Presentation (1 Team each Institute)
Chief Guest of inaugural session: Shri. S. K. Thakkar (GM, GNFC & Trustee - NEST)

Name of Panel Members / Jury:
  • For Finance Specialization:
    • Shri. P. H. Gandhi, (Sr. Manager, GNFC & Trustee -  NEST)
  • For Marketing Specialization:
    1. Shri.Kamlesh Shah (Chief Manager - Marketing, GNFC)
    2. Shri Mehul Ankleshwariya (Business Partner- Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.)

  • For Human Resource Specialization:
    1. Shri.Rakesh Khopker (GM, Poramal Glass Ltd.)
    2. Shri Narendra Zala (Free lance HR Consultant)

National Level Awareness Programme [NLAP-2020]