Friday, March 9, 2012

Alumni Meet 2012


  • Mr.V.S.Sirohi presided as the Chief Guest of the function. He bless the occasion & Mr. S.K.Thakkar & Mr.P.H.gandhi messages were also conveyed to all.
  • 65 Alumni Participated in this meet with their family.
  • The list of Alumni who participated is as enclosed.
  • The programmed details are also mentioned as shown in the invitation.
  • The programme started at 10.30am & went an till 6.00pm.
  • The Placement Agencies that visited as follows.
1)     Mr.Bakul Bhatt           - Perfect Placement Bureau            - 9825225299
2)     Mr.K.V.Chavda          - Oxford Placement                           - 9377412692
3)     Mr.N.S.Zala                -         - 8000230615
4)     Mr.Nilesh Barot         - Placement Services                       - 9825728860
                        (Could not come)

The following were:-
·        Convert the odd into opportunities.
·        Pick up opportunities if you want to be a leader otherwise be a   follower.
·        Nothing is impossible just do it.
·        See beyond the obvious benefits.
·        Team work is essential – New Teams will keep forming learn to be adaptable to new teams.
·        It is one’s own skills that matter.
·        One must learn to sell oneself.
·        Work works.
·        Be ready to work in remote locations.
·        Discipline is utmost important.
·        Create a road map for oneself.
·        Have a vision before you choose you are of specialization.
·        Have a vision as to why you are doing MBA.
·        Learn to get your hands dirty.
·        It is important to understand basics, then learn to manage them MBA is not the end.
·        Match your skills to the market needs.
·        Have the passion in you to excel inspite of odds.
·        Management will make life stressful as they are paying you well.
·        But almost stresses learn to enjoy your job.
·        Face challenges & take responsibility of over caring them.
·        Learn to be an entrepreneur / intrapreneur.
·        Look at what is your inner institute – follows it – Money will follow you – First prove yourself.
·        Drive yourself – don’t be driven by others.
·        Do what you are committed about – let others say what they like.
·        Preserve and achieve goals.
·        Obstacles will come – Find solutions – Don’t cry over problems.
·        Look for what next.
·        Fresher will find difficulties in getting Jobs – Be open to this challenge & face it boldly.
·        Change is imperative – Don’t be rigid if you want to grow.
·        Go to the depth of any given subject.
·        Theories & their applications – both are important.
·        Freshers are like Blank states – You can create and that you wish
·        The market is open. There are many opportunities.
·        Banking is very challenging.
·        Dream – Think – Act.
·        Have the inner motivation.
·        Organization & Activities will have partially structures & partially unstructured presence – face it.
·        Utilize the knowledge of your graduation as well.
·        Respect & value people & task to be in profession.
·        Be very confident.
·        Use the available Time & platform of the college to develop your personality.
·        Exhibit loyalty where you go.
·        Use Summer Training period as a very useful time & opportunity to orient yourself to industry practices & culture.
·        Look at what is in it for me.
·        Grab opportunities.
·        Teachers are our mentors.
·        Go and attend lectures outside – gain exposure.
·        Learn from the people.
·        Talk to students of other colleges.
·        Be bold in taking decision.
·        There is tough completion everyone is doing MBA position yourself such that recruiters say “Here is this guy”.
·        If you love your job then nothing is stressful.
·        The more you communicated the more you will learn.
·        Move and learn more into industry / market / organizations.
·        Duly studying syllabus will be no use.
·        Be open, be confident and give more views.
·        Me mobile, keep earning.
·        Discipline is most important.
·        Be good at communication.
·        Attitude will justify decision.
·        Experience more & thereby learn more.
·        Work hard – you will be rewarded.
·        We must prove ourselves. Competition is there, but opportunities are also there.
·        Apply your learning.
·        Believe in yourself.
·        Go to the depth of business.
·        Exhibit sincerity.
·        Only the fittest will survive.
·        Flexibility & Adoptability are most important for “A Rolling stone gathers no mess”.
·        Prove yourself through your skills & competences.
·        Grab whatever opportunities that you can.
·        Sharper your saw.
·        Plan to achieve your objectives.
·        Take everything in its stride.
·        Don’t develop over comfortless to leads to complacency.
·        Enjoy every job you do.

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