Thursday, December 11, 2014

Participation at GTU Youth Festival ‘XITIJ- 2014’

Date: 20, 21, 22 September 2014
Venue: Sarvajanik College Of Engineering and Technology, (SCET) Surat

Gujarat Technological University had organized a three-day Youth festival events for Surat zone on 20, 21, 22 September 2014, ‘XITIJ-2014’ at Sarvajanik College Of Engineering and Technology, (SCET) Surat, with the objective of developing students in various co curricular and extracurricular activities which offered students a great platform to showcase their talent as well as to take the guidance of the prominent judges in their interested fields. There were in all various theatre events, literary events, fine arts events, dance events and musical events in which students from various colleges of South Gujarat Zone had participated.

Students of Narmada College of Management took part wholeheartedly and with a great zeal in various categories of events under the leadership of NCM Director, Dr. Trupti  S. Almoula  and guidance of NCM faculty, Prof. Rashmi S. Ghamawala.

Total No. of events where NCM participated – 8 events
Total No. of students participated at youth fest – 22 students
Accompanist accompanied for help during events – 2 students
Team Manager (Ms. Rashmi Ghamawala) – 1 NCM faculty

I. Debate Competition - Participation:

  1. Pillai Adhwaith V. : MBA -I
  2. Ms. Aesha Shah : MBA -II

II. Poster Making Competition - Participation:

  1. Ms. Simran Kaur Bassi: MBA -I
III. Elocution Competition - Participation:

  1. Pillai Adhwaith V. : MBA -I
  2. Mr. Alkesh Misty : MBA - I
  3. Mr. Kushal Choksi: MBA - II
  4. Mr. Dhaval Prajapati : MBA - II
IV. Rangoli Competition - Participation:

  1. Ms. Parul H. Patel : MBA -I
V. Ad Making Competition - Participation:

  1. Mr. Parmar Puspak : MBA - Sem-I
  2. Ms. Simran Kaur Bassi: MBA -I
  3. Mr. Abhik Shah : MBA-I
  4. Ms. Daisy Shah: MBA-I
  5. Ms. Dharmika Bhavsar : MBA - I
  6. Mr. Pillai Adhwaith V. : MBA -I
VI. One act Play Competition - Participation:

  1. Mr. Akshay Thakkar : MBA-I
  2. Ms. Namrata Singh : MBA-I
  3. Mr.  Parmar Puspak : MBA - Sem-I
  4. Mr. Abhik Shah : MBA-I
  5. Mr. Janam Kansara MBA-I
  6. Ms. Daisy Shah: MBA-I
  7. Ms. Dharmika Bhavsar : MBA - I
  8. Ms. Simran Kaur Bassi: MBA -I
  9. Mr. Pillai Adhwaith V. : MBA -I
VII. Falk Dance Competition - Participation:

  1. Ms. Anuradha Prajapati: MBA -I
  2. Mr. Janam Kansara MBA-I
  3. Ms. Archita Patel : MBA-I
  4. Ms. Daisy Shah: MBA-I
  5. Ms. Amish Tailor: MBA -I
  6. Ms. Dipali Gurjar: MBA -I
  7. Ms. Mansi Gohil: MBA - I
  8. Ms. Pratixa Rana: MBA-I
  9. Ms. Dharmika Bhavsar : MBA - I
  10. Ms. Vandita Shah: MBA-I
The first day events of the youth festival where NCM participated were literary events like Quiz, Elocution and Debate. Under the informal event category,  we participated for poster making competition. The second day events of the youth festival where NCM participated were Classical solo dance, Group folk dance, Rangoli and One act play.

A tough competition has emerged as various institutions from south zone had participated for the youth fest event.

Key learning:
 Participation in these events helped students to know where they stand and what improvisation needs to be done to become best in this competitive scenario.

They also gained practical management learning experience and their confidence level has been increased.

They were able to learn a lot from their mistakes and the various good points from their fellow participants from other colleges.

Celebration of “Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan” at NCM

Date: 2nd October, 2014

Venue: Narmada College of Management, Bharuch





On Independence Day, our Honorable Prime Minister – Shri Narendrabhai Modi while addressing the nation made an announcement about the launch of Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October, 2014, the birth anniversary of our Father of Our Nation.
From every corner of the country many people have joined this abhiyan to make India clean and better living place.
We at NCM have also made a small attempt to become a part of this hugh campaign. We had organized various activities in the form of intra college competition like poster making competition, Rangoli competition, and power point presentations on the theme Swachcha Bharat. Majority of the students from first and second year enthusiastically participated.
Not only students even faculty members and other staff member also participated in this abhiyan by making their own work environment clean.
The event started at 10:00 AM and ended at 5:00 PM.

As a part of Higher education, we feel proud to be a part of this national endeavor and happy to play a small role in achieving this laudable goal.


Date: 25th, September, 2014
Venue: Narmada Education Campus, Bharuch








On 25th September, 2014 as per our tradition, Narmada college parivar had organized an event called “Zankar -2014, A Ratri on Navratri” wherein faculties, students and other staff members from NCM, NCSC, NCCA and BVB have wholeheartedly participated. Garba Ground was overcrowded by various participants (players), parents, audience, Guest, faculty members, and non teaching staff.
The event started at 7 PM by worshipping goddess AMBE Maa and then followed by traditional and modern pattern of Garba play. Near about 200 students participated as Garba players.  Four judges from each college were invited to evaluate the best players in male and female category. Evaluation criteria on which players were evaluated were best Garba style, nonstop play, best costumes etc…
The event got enlightened with the gracious presence of our Guest - Director Education – DR. Jani, GNFC trustee members Shri Gharia sir and Shri Panchal sir along with their family members. Shri Sanat Vayada from GNFC Nest office also participated. They gave their blessings and congratulated for the success of event.
The event ended up at 10 PM by awarding best players both in male and female category. Winner’s position was awarded by winning trophy and first and second runners up position were given gold and silver medals.
Winners of zankar-2014 
1.  Naval Modi    (MCA)
1. Nidhi Pandya (MBA)
2.  Vikul Kothari (MBA)
2. Aksha Tirmi (SYBBA)
3.  Shubham Rathod (TYBSC)
3. Ishita Chimnapune (TYBCOM)

The whole event was conducted under the great leadership of Principal Sir – DR. B.M. Rawal, NCSC, I/c Director – Dr. Trupti Almoula, NCM and DR. Jatinder Saini, NCCA without whom the success of this event was not possible.
The event was coordinated by Event Committee members Shri Awasthi, NCSC, Ms Rashmi Ghamawala, NCM and Shri Jatin Modh, NCCA

The event was successful and became a remarkable day. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Seminar on Health and Hygiene At NCM

Date: 20th Nov,2014
Venue: Narmada College of Management
Name of Progamme: Seminar on Health and Hygiene
Time Duration : one & half  hour.

NCM had organized and completed Seminar on Health and hygiene on 20th Nov,2014 for the development of students in MBA SEM I.. Programme Details included the following
1.      Date of progamme  20th Nov,2014
2.      Name of Progamme: Seminar on Health and Hygiene
3.      Time Duration was one & half  hour.
4.      Following topics were covered in webinar discussion for knowledge building.

The Programme was delivered by Dr Priyesh Modi, Sr Manager, Health and Community Development, CLP India Private Ltd., Paguthan, Dis Bharuch. Speaker highlighted the significance of Health, First Aid knowledge and basic awareness about some of the diseases to students. This seminar is important from not only our own health but it will help us to help others in critical situations as well. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Competition on “Nashabandhi Saptah” Celebration At NCM

Date:        8th Oct,2014
Venue: Narmada Education Campus

It give me immense pleasure to report that we, NCM in association of NCSC and NCCA had organized and completed Elocution and Poster Making competition successfully to Spread the to built awareness among youngsters about ‘ Nashabandi initiative of Govt.’

Government of Gujarat has celebrated “ Nashabandhi Saptah”  from 2nd Oct to 8th Oct, 2014 to Spread Awareness and message about how Addiction is harmful to society, how youngster should be away from it etc. For the Same Cause Narmada College Campus had organized Competition to  spread message about addiction and its remedies.

Programme included the following competition:
·         Date of Competition 8th Oct,2014
·         Name of Competition:  (i) Elocution  Competition
·         (ii) Poster Making

·         Topic for Elocution & Poster Making Competition was “ Evils of Addiction and Its Remedies”
·         Total 9 and 11 Students has participated in this Elocution competition Poster Making Competition respectively.
·         Students are asked to present their views and message against addiction in 5 minutes of time.
·         Best Three speakers by reviewer are awarded. First position was held by Deepak Maru, Second position was held by Nasreen Malik and Fist Position was Held by Yadav Ritu from MCA and F Y B. Sc. respectively.

·         In Poster Making Competition First Position was secured by Vasava Smita an dJadav Honey, Second Position was held by Chauhan Dhara and Solanki Nishitha and third [position was awarded to Dashi Yash G.

For the above Competition Government Officers: Mr G D Chaudhari (Govt Officals From Bharuch Govt), Mr Iqbal Saikh, Project Director(Chetana Darshan Mukti Kendra) and other team members  as well as some Society representative ( Mr. R D Mehata, GM< Intas Pharma) from corporate were Present .  Competition was also honored by present of all head officials of Narmada Colleges namely Dr Trupti Almoula, Prof A K Singh and Dr Saini from MBA, NCSC and NCCA respectively. Programme was also attended by more than 150 students and other faculties of Narmada Campus. The programme was coordinated by Prof H K Patel, Prof Chetna  Makwana and Prof Bhavesh Patel from NCSC, MBA and NCCA respectively.

On this occasion not only students speaks about Addiction and its effects on society, but dignitaries from Govt, Corporate, and Colleges were also speak and give message to youngsters and society to make our society free from Addition.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Participation at PROTSAHAN 2014, A National level Inter college management cum cultural fest and PRATIBHA 2014 ( MBA Summer Project Competition

Date: 26th and 27th sept.,2014
Venue: V.M Patel Institute of Management and center for management studies, Ganpat University, Mehsana

Second year students of NCM participated in Pratibha (MBA Summer Project Competition)& Protsahan 2014 - A National level Inter college Management cum Cultural fest organized by V.M Patel Institute of Management and center for management studies, Ganpat University, Mehsana on 26th and 27th sept.,2014

Date of competition
Main event
Event category in which NCM participated
Names of students who participated

Stock market game

 Karan Ajmeri (Finanace)
Pratibha (SIP)
MBA Summer Project Competition
 Purvi Kahar (HR)
Product launch
Saddam Mansuri (Mktg)
Darshak Parekh (Mktg)
Mayur Shimpi (Mktg)
Haimita Gandhi (HR)

Students faced a tough competition from various other colleges that participated in the event and had a good exposure and practical learning through participation at national level competition
This activity was guided and coordinated by Prof Rashmi Ghamawala

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2014

Date: 05/9/2014
Venue: Narmada College of Management










Students of Narmada College of Management celebrated Teacher's Day on 5th September 2014 with the objective of felicitating the teachers for their undying spirit and hardwork to improvise the students life and to make them a better human being and for the efficient functioning of the Institute. The event was enlightened by the gracious presence of Mr. Sanath Vayeda from GNFC - NEST office. The event was categorised into two sections wherein the first part consisted of the formal events and the second part consisted of informal events wherein the students and the teachers whole heartedly took part in these events.
The first part of the programme began with the prayer and followed by the lightning ceremony by the guest and the teachers. Then brief note on the importance and the history behind the celebration of Teacher's Day were given by the students. The students also shared the role of teachers in  their own personal lives and how  teachers played an important role in creating a difference in their life.
On this occasion, college Director, Dr. Trupti S Almoula gave valuable speech which included that good teachers plays a very important role in the shaping of the personality and future of their students who are going to be next generation of the society  and that  the Teachers' Day provided a good opportunity to the students to express their gratitude towards their beloved teachers.
Our first year Students, this time took a new initiative, a new way of felicitating the teachers and guests with a noble cause. It has been observed that every time in each function, guests are felicitated with bouquets or memento which is then wasted after one time use. Hence our students started a new motion with a noble cause. They made packets of rice and grains and gave it to faculties  and guests as a memento, once such packets were given then those packets were collected back and distributed to the poor and needy people by the medium of 'Jalram Seva Samiti'- a prominent NGO of Bharuch district. The students went to' Jalaram Seva Samiti' and tried to learn the functioning of the organisation and have a vigil that the benefit is reached to the bottom most level in the society. The students also made report and presentations for the same and made others also aware of the same. Thus this initiative also helped the students to have a practical experience of the functioning of an NGO.
The second part of the event consisted of various cultural programmes and fun activities. The students and the teachers whole heartedly took part in this event and made it much more wonderful. The students made dance performance in various forms such as classical and western dance and showcased their talent as a memento to the teachers. There were various other events dedicated to the teachers such as music performance and games. Certain fun games were also included in the event in which the students as well as the whole faculty and the non teaching staff of Narmada College of Management Parivar took part.
The program was concluded with cake cutting ceremony and group photo session and Teachers have a positive disposition towards the whole event and gave blessing to students.

The programme was guided and coordinated by Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala

Sunday, November 9, 2014

AIMA’s programe on “Shaping Young Minds”

Co-Organizer     :               Bharuch District Management Association
Date                      :               09-10-2014
Venue                  :               Swami Atulanandji Auditorium, Bjharuch  


·         A one day seminar on “Shaping Young Minds Programme” was organized in Bharuch by Bharuch District Management Association in association with All India Management Association, New Delhi.
·         It was indeed a matter of pride that,  12  of our students of MBA Part-I & II had the privilege of sharing the dais with all three eminent speakers. Our students were on the panel.
·         The speakers for the day were:
i)        Dr.Aquil Busrai, Chief Executive Officer Aquil Busrai Consulting
ii)       Justice N.Santosh Hegde, Former Lokayukta Government of Karnataka
iii)     Ambassador Deepak Vohra, Veteran Diplomat & Special Advisor to Priume Minister of Republic of Guinla Bissall.
·         Dr.Trupti S Almoula offered her services as convener cum Master of ceremony.
·         Dr.Aquil Busrai, through various inspirational stories, brought home to need for “relationship quotient” for an effective professional career. He highlighted the importance of “Change” in order to achieve more and better , through the story of an eagle. He said : the beginning  has to be made by self.
·         Justice N. Santosh Hegde, shared his life experiences, the various kinds of people he had come across and why and what justice they were seeking. Through these experiences, he highlighted the need for high “emotional quotient” (alongwith a relationship quotient) so that every good professional can prove and must prove to be a good human being first if he has to succeed as a professional.
·         Ambassador Deepak Vohra, shared a whole array of facts regarding India’s standing on GDP, Balance of Trade, relationship with various countries of the world etc. He subsequently went on to derive that India is truly grooming at a much faster rate than any other country in the world. He appealed to one and all, that as Indian citizens, we need to take pride in our country, in what are HER strengths and collectively work to make HER what she much deserves – the super power / global  Leader.
He thus highlighted the need for a high “Patriotism quotient”     

·         After each speaker, the panel members, ten on the dias, put forth questions which the speakers responded to.

·         It is important to note that the focus of the entire programme / deliveries of all the three speakers was, as the title of the seminar suggests,  aimed at shaping the minds of the youth to being good human beings, successful professional and truly citizens of Mother India .