Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2014

Date: 05/9/2014
Venue: Narmada College of Management










Students of Narmada College of Management celebrated Teacher's Day on 5th September 2014 with the objective of felicitating the teachers for their undying spirit and hardwork to improvise the students life and to make them a better human being and for the efficient functioning of the Institute. The event was enlightened by the gracious presence of Mr. Sanath Vayeda from GNFC - NEST office. The event was categorised into two sections wherein the first part consisted of the formal events and the second part consisted of informal events wherein the students and the teachers whole heartedly took part in these events.
The first part of the programme began with the prayer and followed by the lightning ceremony by the guest and the teachers. Then brief note on the importance and the history behind the celebration of Teacher's Day were given by the students. The students also shared the role of teachers in  their own personal lives and how  teachers played an important role in creating a difference in their life.
On this occasion, college Director, Dr. Trupti S Almoula gave valuable speech which included that good teachers plays a very important role in the shaping of the personality and future of their students who are going to be next generation of the society  and that  the Teachers' Day provided a good opportunity to the students to express their gratitude towards their beloved teachers.
Our first year Students, this time took a new initiative, a new way of felicitating the teachers and guests with a noble cause. It has been observed that every time in each function, guests are felicitated with bouquets or memento which is then wasted after one time use. Hence our students started a new motion with a noble cause. They made packets of rice and grains and gave it to faculties  and guests as a memento, once such packets were given then those packets were collected back and distributed to the poor and needy people by the medium of 'Jalram Seva Samiti'- a prominent NGO of Bharuch district. The students went to' Jalaram Seva Samiti' and tried to learn the functioning of the organisation and have a vigil that the benefit is reached to the bottom most level in the society. The students also made report and presentations for the same and made others also aware of the same. Thus this initiative also helped the students to have a practical experience of the functioning of an NGO.
The second part of the event consisted of various cultural programmes and fun activities. The students and the teachers whole heartedly took part in this event and made it much more wonderful. The students made dance performance in various forms such as classical and western dance and showcased their talent as a memento to the teachers. There were various other events dedicated to the teachers such as music performance and games. Certain fun games were also included in the event in which the students as well as the whole faculty and the non teaching staff of Narmada College of Management Parivar took part.
The program was concluded with cake cutting ceremony and group photo session and Teachers have a positive disposition towards the whole event and gave blessing to students.

The programme was guided and coordinated by Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala


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