Sunday, November 9, 2014

AIMA’s programe on “Shaping Young Minds”

Co-Organizer     :               Bharuch District Management Association
Date                      :               09-10-2014
Venue                  :               Swami Atulanandji Auditorium, Bjharuch  


·         A one day seminar on “Shaping Young Minds Programme” was organized in Bharuch by Bharuch District Management Association in association with All India Management Association, New Delhi.
·         It was indeed a matter of pride that,  12  of our students of MBA Part-I & II had the privilege of sharing the dais with all three eminent speakers. Our students were on the panel.
·         The speakers for the day were:
i)        Dr.Aquil Busrai, Chief Executive Officer Aquil Busrai Consulting
ii)       Justice N.Santosh Hegde, Former Lokayukta Government of Karnataka
iii)     Ambassador Deepak Vohra, Veteran Diplomat & Special Advisor to Priume Minister of Republic of Guinla Bissall.
·         Dr.Trupti S Almoula offered her services as convener cum Master of ceremony.
·         Dr.Aquil Busrai, through various inspirational stories, brought home to need for “relationship quotient” for an effective professional career. He highlighted the importance of “Change” in order to achieve more and better , through the story of an eagle. He said : the beginning  has to be made by self.
·         Justice N. Santosh Hegde, shared his life experiences, the various kinds of people he had come across and why and what justice they were seeking. Through these experiences, he highlighted the need for high “emotional quotient” (alongwith a relationship quotient) so that every good professional can prove and must prove to be a good human being first if he has to succeed as a professional.
·         Ambassador Deepak Vohra, shared a whole array of facts regarding India’s standing on GDP, Balance of Trade, relationship with various countries of the world etc. He subsequently went on to derive that India is truly grooming at a much faster rate than any other country in the world. He appealed to one and all, that as Indian citizens, we need to take pride in our country, in what are HER strengths and collectively work to make HER what she much deserves – the super power / global  Leader.
He thus highlighted the need for a high “Patriotism quotient”     

·         After each speaker, the panel members, ten on the dias, put forth questions which the speakers responded to.

·         It is important to note that the focus of the entire programme / deliveries of all the three speakers was, as the title of the seminar suggests,  aimed at shaping the minds of the youth to being good human beings, successful professional and truly citizens of Mother India .

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