Thursday, November 13, 2014

Competition on “Nashabandhi Saptah” Celebration At NCM

Date:        8th Oct,2014
Venue: Narmada Education Campus

It give me immense pleasure to report that we, NCM in association of NCSC and NCCA had organized and completed Elocution and Poster Making competition successfully to Spread the to built awareness among youngsters about ‘ Nashabandi initiative of Govt.’

Government of Gujarat has celebrated “ Nashabandhi Saptah”  from 2nd Oct to 8th Oct, 2014 to Spread Awareness and message about how Addiction is harmful to society, how youngster should be away from it etc. For the Same Cause Narmada College Campus had organized Competition to  spread message about addiction and its remedies.

Programme included the following competition:
·         Date of Competition 8th Oct,2014
·         Name of Competition:  (i) Elocution  Competition
·         (ii) Poster Making

·         Topic for Elocution & Poster Making Competition was “ Evils of Addiction and Its Remedies”
·         Total 9 and 11 Students has participated in this Elocution competition Poster Making Competition respectively.
·         Students are asked to present their views and message against addiction in 5 minutes of time.
·         Best Three speakers by reviewer are awarded. First position was held by Deepak Maru, Second position was held by Nasreen Malik and Fist Position was Held by Yadav Ritu from MCA and F Y B. Sc. respectively.

·         In Poster Making Competition First Position was secured by Vasava Smita an dJadav Honey, Second Position was held by Chauhan Dhara and Solanki Nishitha and third [position was awarded to Dashi Yash G.

For the above Competition Government Officers: Mr G D Chaudhari (Govt Officals From Bharuch Govt), Mr Iqbal Saikh, Project Director(Chetana Darshan Mukti Kendra) and other team members  as well as some Society representative ( Mr. R D Mehata, GM< Intas Pharma) from corporate were Present .  Competition was also honored by present of all head officials of Narmada Colleges namely Dr Trupti Almoula, Prof A K Singh and Dr Saini from MBA, NCSC and NCCA respectively. Programme was also attended by more than 150 students and other faculties of Narmada Campus. The programme was coordinated by Prof H K Patel, Prof Chetna  Makwana and Prof Bhavesh Patel from NCSC, MBA and NCCA respectively.

On this occasion not only students speaks about Addiction and its effects on society, but dignitaries from Govt, Corporate, and Colleges were also speak and give message to youngsters and society to make our society free from Addition.


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