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Student Participation in GTU “Youth Festxitij 2016”

A Report on GTU “Youth Festxitij 2016”

We student of 2nd year III semester of NCM, Bharuch has participated in youth festival xitij 2016 for Business Quiz and Ad making competition at S N Patel Institute of Engineering and Research Center, Bardoli.

In Business Quiz, 3 Students; Saurabh Agrawal, Dhaval Patel and Sneha Prasad has participated. The Quiz Question was about Physics, inventions and science. Total 14 colleges participated in the competition.

            In Ad making Competition, 1 team having 6 students participated named Fenil Modi,BhavinHirani, Kinjal Patel, Nirali Thakkar, Vrunda Joshi, Drashti Shah. The topic was “Skill India” Decided by GTU. In ad making Competition total 14 teams from Engineering and Management participated.

            There were two judges for the competition. The judge from Akashvani Radio addressed us about various concept related to advertisement and the target Audience. Various institute have shown their skills by animations and acting.
            We won 2nd price at surat zone level. In this,we displayed that India is skilled in various activities from ancient time to the current time. We had shown aryabhatta, sculpturing, puppet show, pottery, and in recent years we have developed skills like IT skills, Army skills, Sewing skills etc…

            After gaining wonderful experience at surat zonal level, we represented our college for the Ad making event in Rajkot, Inter Zonal state level Competition. There were total 15 teams which participated in from all 5 zones. The judges were a producer, a Reporter from Sandesh news Rajkot.

            We made new ad from local skills with handmade Sujni (A Shawl), handmade art from Bharuch. Then we presented carpentry skills with latest equipment followed by technological skills with lath machine. Which means that we have to develop our skills according recent trend and development.

            After Presentation, Judges asked our team some questions like “If you give a chance to appoint a brand ambassador for skill India, which people you choose from our country??”

            We tried our best for Inter-zonal level competition but couldn’t won. But still It was very good experience of participating and learning from all our competitors and valuable comments from judges.


EVENT: - Neem project research work.

VENUE: - Jambusar district.

Date: - 10th November, 11th November 2016.

                GNFC has embarked open a massive project for socio economic empowerment of women by way of neem seed collection.
                For this, research was conducted by NCM students for 2 days co-ordinate by GNFC in collaboration with UNDP.

DAY 1:- Departure at 8:00 a.m.
                Arrive at 10:30 a.m.

After arriving there GNFC authorities allocated NCM students into teams with area and the teams were provided with questionnaire for conducting research.
                The allocated teams were provided with different area we the teams met the women who collected Neem seeds and we explained them why this research is necessary for them and what benefit they will derive from this research project.
                After filling up of some of the questionnaire lunch was served and then left over questionnaire were filled up after lunch. The target for Day-1 was achieved and the questionnaire was submitted to the respective authorities.
                The program ended by 6:00 p.m.

DAY 2:- Departure at 8:00 a.m.
                Arrive at 11:00 a.m.
                On the second day the same process of allocating areas for specific team with their target questionnaire was carried on.
                Day 2 target was achieved by 7:00 p.m. the questionnaire was submitted to authorities.
More than 300 questionnaires were filled up by the NCM students which measure the success of this Neem project.
At the end of the day the participant NCM student were appreciated by GNFC authorities for the excellent participation.

Students participation in ROLE OF YOUTH IN NATION BUILDING

DATE : 12TH JAN , 2017

  It was an honour for NCM students to be part of "Role of Youth in Nation Building" which was  organized at Rotary Club on 12 th January 2017 on Thursday at 11:oo AM. Where many colleges participated. A speech was delivered by Shree. Dattatryeejee from Pune mesmerized the audience.  The aim for which we all gathered was to contribute our views and ideas in eradicating the social evils still prevailing in our nation. It was organized to give a honour to Swami Vivekananda as he was the one who took initiative and proved that "Youth are the one who can mould the nation in the best way."

 Many questions raised in the minds of students were  answered to the point with examples by Shree Datta Trajee and the programme was winded up by 1:00 PM.    

Report on Art of Living activity held in NCM campus.

Report on Art of Living activity held in NCM campus.

Art of living is a very ancient art. Now a days it is a very useful to human for their lives in a best way. Mainly the art of living teaches the human yoga, meditation and motivational thoughts.   
Today is the great day for us which provide an opportunity for attending the session of “Art of Living”. This happens only at the remarkable efforts made by Narmada college of Management The session of art of living conducted an inspire motivationally by Mr. Chirag Patil,  Ms. Falguni Modi and Team.                                

This session contains three parts. Activity of clapping for refreshment, motivational speech and meditation.   

We enjoy the activity of clapping with our presence of mind and eye contact.
Motivational speech addressed by Mr. Chirag Patil is focusing to our work being done daily with transparency, self confidence for doing work and clarity of our work.      
We had a meditation session of 17 minute which made us realize our inner self.
At the end, we thankful to honorable members of “Art of Living foundation” who gave us important knowledge about our lives and gave confidence to do the work with clarity.   

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Annual day programme at Narmada campus

Report on Annual day programme

Function:- Utsav 2017
Venue:- Narmada College of Science and Commerce
Chief guest:- Vice Chancellor of VNSGU Dr. Dakshesh R. Thakar
                             Pro. V C Bhaskar Raval
                             Bharuch District, Collector
The Annual Cultural Programme "Utsav 2017" of Narmada College of Science and Commerce  was held in the college premises in a befitting manner on 3rd February 2017. It was an one day programme. The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. We got an overwhelming response from participants, their parent as well as friends and our students.

The event started at 6:30pm with the arrival of honourable chief guests. We were then approached with a delightful speech by our guests and then they set the stage free for our event to start.

Our MBA program had 4 entries for the event that were, 3 dance performances and 1 singing performance. Also the event was started by our classical dance performance done by First year students. 

Then we had a south Indian fusion dance performed by first year MBA and BBA students. This performance filled the ambiance with energy as it was a very energetic and power packed performance.

After this performance we enjoyed the Marathi dance performance presented by MBA first and second year students. Every student performing was giving their 100% to make the event big.

And the final performance from MBA was a singing performance by our first year student Bhumika Patil, she made everyone jubilant with her soothing voice. She had an Sufi themed performance.
At last I conclude that we had an awesome evening with very exciting performances and I would like to have many more in the future. 

Students participation in BUDGET TALK AT BDMA


Business district management association had organized the ‘budget talk 2017’   on 8 February 2017 in bharuch. On that occasion kiran pandya who has professor at VNSGU as well as head of the HRD  would be invited as special guest as well as speaker.

On that event Mr devang Thakor who is the chairman of BDMA invited our Narmada College of Management so we as students of MBA had gone that event and in that we first had done registration procedure at 6:30 p.m. After that we had gathered at conference room of BDMA at 7:00 p.m.

In that event Mr Devang Thakore chairman of BDMA welcomed us and give brief introduction of kiran pandya who had main guest and speaker of that event .After that he invited Mr Kiran pandya to discuss and share the views on the topic of budget 2017.

Mr kiran pandya delivered speech on budget 2017. In his speech he included that meaning of budget, fiscal policy, monetary policy and government influence on economic activity and life by budget. In his speech he wonderfully taught us how budget would be evaluated. He also pointed out some good point that if the government invested more in infrastructure facility so we as citizens would happy but we also known the fact that if the government expenditure in infrastructure facility would be increased and it may causes to deficit in our budget so that for maintaining budget as well as recover the deficit government have to take loan from the financial institution that means ultimately burden on government as well as public.

He also encouraged us to pay taxes on regular basis. In that he would give reason that if we did not pay the taxes then it have to bear by our next generation. So in that way he shared important views and information to us on budget 2017.

After that group discussion had started on the budget 2017 as well as demonetization effect on the economy and if the audience had whatever question in their mind they questioned to the Mr Kiran pandya. Budget talk finally ended at 9:30 p.m

It would be good experience and opportunity to take part as audience in the budget talk 2017 so we would like to thank to our Director Trupti madam as well as Chetana madam to give wonderful opportunity to learn something new which would added in our knowledge.

Live project of post opening Analysis for McDonalds outlet at Bharuch

A report on Live project of post opening Analysis for McDonalds outlet at Bharuch

McDonald India want to conduct a survey on the outlet which was opened in December 2016 at N.H 8, Vadadala, Bharuch. Mr. Saurabhpatni, who is the Head at Gujarat state for McDonald had taken personal interview of student at our college campus. About 10 candidates were appeared for this interview. 5 Best candidates among them named Fenil Modi, Dharmadeepsinh Yadav, Vrunda Joshi, Saurabh Agrawal, and Sally Masaniwere selected for this survey.

During the period of 4 days i.e. from 2nd December to 5th December 2016 this survey was conducted by student of our college. The survey basically contains 3 type of survey i.e. TAS, NAS & DT. TAS stands for In-house survey at store, DT stands for Drive through service and NAS stands for Neighbourhood area survey. There was a predefined hour based Quota for TAS and DT service that we have to take survey according the base hour and peak hours. Also the Students was required to taken a vehicle count (Vehicle Passing on the road) at every two hours of two wheelers as well as four wheelers The students were provided 3 tablets with individual USER ID & PASSWORD for undertaking survey from the customers of the store.

            The minimum sample size for the TAS survey was 400 although the student tried to collect nearby 440 samples for TAS. The sample sizeof theDrive through(DT) service for the store was near about 300. The NAS survey was the survey which has been conducted in the different area of the Bharuch like Inox Zadeshwar, Shaktinath, Bigbazaar. More than 400 respond taken from the total population of Bharuch City.

            The survey includes some of theQuestions like Whether they are aware of Brand McDonalds, what are their eating habits i.e. Vegetarian, Jain, Non-vegetarian, what are their occupation, the main reason for coming to McDonald.

            It was a very nice, co-curricular and improving communicationexperiencewith the people you don’t know. The student was furnished with 3times per day free food for all four days from McDonald. Each student was rewarded with cheque of Rs. 2700/- with certificate of Appreciation.

Participation in 100% CASHLESS GNFC TOWNSHIP

Event: GNFC Cashless Township

Venue: GNFC, Bharuch

Date: 13th February, 2017

   GNFC is first who make the cashless township in Gujarat.GNFC encourage other township also to make cashless township.

    The event basically started for cashless 100% GNFC Township. This is held by our Gujarat pride Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. 

    Vijay Rupani said that cashless transaction help to make happy India and fulfilled the Narendra Modi’s dream.

Cashless Township GNFC Video which is launched by VivekAgnihotri and Actress is Pallavi Joshi. She was told that cashless transaction is mainly done by credit card and debit card which is use in hotel and departmental store.

   But In GNFC, normal store, laundry, hospital, vegetable market, cycle repairing store etc. which is done on the basis of cashless transaction. As per Narendra Modi make cashless India, so GNFC Township decided to make cashless township.'

Narmada College of Management (NCM) and Narmada College of Science and Commerce (NCSC) also join and attend the session of GNFC Cashless Township. Feeltoo proud for cheer up “Happy India, Cashless India"

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



VENUE: Adani ltd. Mundra


ON 9 FEBRUARY 2017 we have departure from Bharuch to Ahmedabhad  at Maninagar station and then bus was been arranged by adani..we reached at Adani guest house  “ Shanti Vihar” at 12.30 and then lunch was been provided.

Then  we visited first adani port there we were guide how the port work  how the import export is been done.

Then we visited to Adani wilmar ltd where they showed us process and packing of different oil product

Then we visited adani temple & then we followed by dinner

Then cultural event was held which was organized by NCM student 

Day 2
We were gathered at 6.30am at common hall for yoga and laughing session
Then we went to visit to Adani power ltd were they provided information how the power is been produced and a company visit was been given by them
Then by around 1 pm we were departed from Shanti Vihar to Ahemdabad

The whole event was been coordinated by Chandrakant Pandya who was held of shanti vihar
There were 4 faculties Kanu Raval , Subash Yadav, Rashmi Ghamawala, Chetna Makwana
The success of the visit was been measured by the number of student who showed interest in this visit which were   There were 76 student     31 student  from sem 2 and 45 student from sem 4

Benefits of visit
Industry visits sensitize student to the practical challenges that organization face in the business world .Industrial visit also give greater clarity about various management concepts for student as they can practically see how these concept are put into action

Students' Participation at DBIM, Surat, “The Invincibles 2017”

Event:  “The INVINCIBLES 2017”, Unleash Yourself

Venue:  Department of Business & Industrial Management, Surat (D.B.I.M)
Date:      6th February 2017


The Department of Business & Industrial Management (D.B.I.M) designed the management event- “The Invincibles”, which strived to provide the students an opportunity and a platform to showcase their talents, which was an attempt to enhance learning with fun.

The events were divided into two Phases- Phase 1 & Phase 2.

Phase 1 Highlighted the following events:-
Start up sutra, Dash for Cash, Break the box, Khoj and Business Quiz.

Phase 2 highlighted the following events:-
DB-EX (Stock market game), Sarang (Talent hunt), Smart Falcon and Last man standing.

Students of NCM took part wholeheartedly & enthusiastically under the leadership of Dr. Trupti S Almola and under the guidance of Prof. Rashmi Ghamawala.

The strength of participation of 30 students (15 from first year and 15 from second year) from NCM showcased the willingness and possession of knowledge and talents.
As it is said that, “Winning is something, but participation is everything”.

But the effectiveness of participation was achieved when the first prize and runner ups in start up sutra (Business Plan) were awarded to students of Narmada College of Management.

First Position
Bhavin G Hirani & group
(Fenil S Modi, Nirali D Thakkar)

Runner up
Vidhi shah & Group( Jyoti Chaddarwala)

Key Learning’s:
*    Participation in these events helped student to know where they stand and what improvisation needs to be done to become best in this competitive scenario.

*    Students gained practical implementation of real life scenarios like making business plans (Start up Sutra), virtual investing in stock market (DB-EX), and implementing marketing techniques by selling products for profit (Dash for Cash).

“You know what scares people?
And success is not about winning, it is all about participation and hunting down your own talents, knowledge and capabilities.”


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