Thursday, February 16, 2017

Report on Art of Living activity held in NCM campus.

Report on Art of Living activity held in NCM campus.

Art of living is a very ancient art. Now a days it is a very useful to human for their lives in a best way. Mainly the art of living teaches the human yoga, meditation and motivational thoughts.   
Today is the great day for us which provide an opportunity for attending the session of “Art of Living”. This happens only at the remarkable efforts made by Narmada college of Management The session of art of living conducted an inspire motivationally by Mr. Chirag Patil,  Ms. Falguni Modi and Team.                                

This session contains three parts. Activity of clapping for refreshment, motivational speech and meditation.   

We enjoy the activity of clapping with our presence of mind and eye contact.
Motivational speech addressed by Mr. Chirag Patil is focusing to our work being done daily with transparency, self confidence for doing work and clarity of our work.      
We had a meditation session of 17 minute which made us realize our inner self.
At the end, we thankful to honorable members of “Art of Living foundation” who gave us important knowledge about our lives and gave confidence to do the work with clarity.   

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