Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Live project of post opening Analysis for McDonalds outlet at Bharuch

A report on Live project of post opening Analysis for McDonalds outlet at Bharuch

McDonald India want to conduct a survey on the outlet which was opened in December 2016 at N.H 8, Vadadala, Bharuch. Mr. Saurabhpatni, who is the Head at Gujarat state for McDonald had taken personal interview of student at our college campus. About 10 candidates were appeared for this interview. 5 Best candidates among them named Fenil Modi, Dharmadeepsinh Yadav, Vrunda Joshi, Saurabh Agrawal, and Sally Masaniwere selected for this survey.

During the period of 4 days i.e. from 2nd December to 5th December 2016 this survey was conducted by student of our college. The survey basically contains 3 type of survey i.e. TAS, NAS & DT. TAS stands for In-house survey at store, DT stands for Drive through service and NAS stands for Neighbourhood area survey. There was a predefined hour based Quota for TAS and DT service that we have to take survey according the base hour and peak hours. Also the Students was required to taken a vehicle count (Vehicle Passing on the road) at every two hours of two wheelers as well as four wheelers The students were provided 3 tablets with individual USER ID & PASSWORD for undertaking survey from the customers of the store.

            The minimum sample size for the TAS survey was 400 although the student tried to collect nearby 440 samples for TAS. The sample sizeof theDrive through(DT) service for the store was near about 300. The NAS survey was the survey which has been conducted in the different area of the Bharuch like Inox Zadeshwar, Shaktinath, Bigbazaar. More than 400 respond taken from the total population of Bharuch City.

            The survey includes some of theQuestions like Whether they are aware of Brand McDonalds, what are their eating habits i.e. Vegetarian, Jain, Non-vegetarian, what are their occupation, the main reason for coming to McDonald.

            It was a very nice, co-curricular and improving communicationexperiencewith the people you don’t know. The student was furnished with 3times per day free food for all four days from McDonald. Each student was rewarded with cheque of Rs. 2700/- with certificate of Appreciation.

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