Friday, December 15, 2017

Student participation in Solvay India Open House

Venue : Solvay Specialities India Pvt Ltd, Panoli

Date     :     13 Dec 2017



As per the invitation from Solvay Specialities Pvt Ltd, 8 students and 2 faculties from Narmada college of Management participated in the “Open House” event organised by Solvay, on 13th of December.

Dr Chetna Makwana (associate professor) and Prof Rashmi Ghamawala (assistant professor) along with 8 students (from different specialisation) visited the company.
The event started sharp at 10 am, where students and faculties of different colleges of Bharuch district were present, namely, SVMIT, KJ Polytechnic etc, along with the employees and staff of Solvay.

All the participants were welcomed by Pratish Koparkar, who warmly welcome with his delightful words and starting off the briefing about various safety measures that need to be taken care of.

The main guests who were addressing the audience were Mukesh Malhotra, Amlanabha Das who was the HR head of Solvay India, Himanshu Gondaliya who was the general manager of Solvay and Dr Herve Adam who was the head of Research and Innovation Council of Solvay India.

The whole HR team were there to address the audience about the presence of Solvay in India, overview about Speciality Polymers in India as well as globally and also about the Research and Innovation in India.

Starting with Amlanabha Das, who said that this initiative of conducting the first Open House was held in Singapore 3 years back whose main motive was to bring a turnaround where students will be meeting the company management and thus management being able to build partnership with technical Institutes for Internships etc.

Solvay is multi speciality chemical company with its presence being in over various countries like china, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc, but the unit in Panoli is a polymer specialist company which produces two main products like PEEK and PEAK.

It is a 150 year old company, with its presence in 58 countries, almost 27000 employees and 21 major R & I centres globally.

The main objective is towards their commitment to sustainability bringing solutions to the planet’s challenges.

Dr Herve Adam gave an inspiring presentation about the various researches being carried on where highly qualified staff, who continuously is working on various product developments, various sectors like aerospace, automobiles, customer care products, pharmaceuticals etc which is truly focused on sustainability.

 Solvay already has 10 patents registered and 20 more patents to be registered in the upcoming year.
The event was concluded experiences being shared by employees and the feedback session too.
Finally the whole Open House was wound up with a site tour being arranged for the students and faculties by Solvay Team and departed with lunch.

In all it was great experience, knowing about an MNC with its presence over various countries, building networks with various great business heads and knowing about the culture being carried out in a multinational company.

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