Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parents –Teachers Meeting

Date: 01/09/2012
Venue: NCM Conference Hall

In its continuous endeavour towards excellence, Narmada College of Management organized a Parents Teachers meeting of the first year students of MBA on 1st September 2012, Saturday.

The objectives were:
1)      to inculcate a greater sense of involvement and responsibility in the students towards their two year study at the campus
2)      In consultation with the parents, to arrive at a common agenda for his training and development, resulting in better placements

The meeting began at 9:30 am with a group of five parents interacting with the faculty members for half an hour along with their wards. The meeting finished at 3:00 pm with parents of 42 students in attendance.  Some of the major points of discussion were:

1)      Narmada College of Management needs to work  towards creating awareness of itself as an excellent Management Institute in Bharuch District and surrounding areas
2)      We need to work towards developing a professional outlook in our students with excellent communication skills resulting in better placements for them
3)      Some parents suggested that Teachers should act like parents of the students and guide them
4)      Some parents had a wrong impression that we do not have placements. This was removed by the faculty members with the past placement data of our students
5)      Uniform should be made compulsory for all the students during college days.  They should uniform and come to the college
6)      It was suggested by the faculty members to the parents to subscribe one English newspaper at their residence and ensure that the students read it for half an hour. They should also ensure that students are kept free from most social engagement during these two years of their study
7)      A speed breaker with traffic signal in front of the main entrance of the College campus will help in avoiding accidents
8)      A follow up meeting after one semester can be held for a review of this activity

Overall it was an excellent interaction with lot of new insights gained by the College for improving the teaching learning process at the Institute.

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