Thursday, October 12, 2017

Expert Session on "Role of venture capitalist in seeding Business ideas"

Role of venture capitalist in seeding Business ideas.
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On Saturday, Narmada College of Management had organised a one to one session with venture capitalist, CA Nainesh Pandya, where students had an opportunity to showcase their Business Plans.
Dr. Subhash Yadav sir introduced CA Nainesh Pandya, who possessed rich experience and qualifications in commercial dealings.

He cleared his Bachelor in commerce with first class from Gujarat University, completed Chartered Accountant with specialisation in Operation Research and System Analysis. He was also the 10th rank holder in Company Secretary Exam all over India.

He also wrote a book on “Saral Vera Padhati” which is about presumptive taxation. He has also conducted various bank audits as well as he is an Alumni of IIM Ahmadabad.

CA Nainesh Pandya started his presentation and scheme of discussion on topic “Why Entrepreneurship”. He explained this by particularly emphasising on small medium enterprises (SMEs).

In order to relate his topics of discussion, he requested students to sit in cluster of their respective B-Plan group. There were about 7 groups who were ready with their presentation; each group had exclusive idea with them.

The very first point he stressed upon was that why Documentation is the most important map while planning out something big.

Entrepreneurship is significant for the following reasons like economic growth, new opportunities, creating employment, sustainability etc.

Another major topic focussed upon was the (SMEs) Small and Medium Enterprises as they ensure stability, responsible and are contributors towards improving viability for future.

The major sectors covered by SME’s are food processing, marine products, agricultural inputs, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, engineering and electrical products and textiles & garments.
Talking about SMEs, he had various suggestions and improvements for the 7 teams who were ready with their business plans and imparted knowledge and information regarding the whole process from:-

SCHOOL                                            STARTUP                                          SMEs LISTING.

He then went on with the main topic as to the “Role of Venture Capitalist for growth of Entrepreneurs”, where he mentioned one good characteristic that a plan or an idea should be judged by the results and not the process, which itself was a huge message for the upcoming Entrepreneurs.
Along with a good idea it should be followed by a good strategy, where he discussed three main interlocking aspects as Strategic intention, strategic assessment and strategic choice.

It was a great time and opportunity that the students of NCM got to spend with such an erudite person, with an interactive session.

Sir also promised to meet soon with many more such innovative Business ideas.

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