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Students participation in NHRD Meet

Date: 21/01/2015
Venue: Bharuch




Report for NHRD Meet held on 21st January, 2015

The 36th National Human Resources Meet was conducted on 21st Jan in order to celebrate the....anniversary. Over 130 companies from Bharuch, Ankleshvar, Panoli, Dahej, Zagadia and many more across the state participated in the National HRD meet which was conducted at The Lords Plaza Hotel in Ankleshvar. It is usually conducted on the 3rd Monday of every month. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Vivek Patvardhan, General Manager, Asian Paints. The event was based on the theme of “Happiness is in giving”

The registration process started at 5:15 p.m. The registration desk was attended by students of second year MBA from Narmada College of Management, Bharuch. The snacks with refreshments were arranged for the guests and the participants. The event started with an opening note and introduction to the event delivered by Mrs. Namarata Pandya. The dignitaries carried out the lamp lightening ceremony and the event was further taken forward. Mr. Himanshu Bhatt threw light on the theme of the event – “Happiness is in giving”.

Honourable chief guests were welcomed with warm greetings. Mr Vivek Patvardhan was requested to address all the participants and share his valuable insights. Mr. Patvardhan called ‘Human Resources’ as the employee champion, as an expert in engagement levels and encouraged them to become an agent of change in an organization. He clearly explained giving various examples of Maruti Case (refer block 6 of his blog) that it is the responsibility of the HR managers to see that the employees are fully engaged.

Mr. Patvardhan expressed his concern about the exploitation of trainees. Unions, to a large extent are responsible for their degradation. Thus HR mangers should try to stay in touch with the ground level so as to ensure fair treatment at all levels.

Various ethical issues were also raised by Mr.Patvardhan. He expressed his despair by saying that there is no substitute for the short-sightedness of the managers. He explained this by giving an example that when a high level manager does sexual harassment, the CEOs even ignore. He emphasised to introspect and ask oneself “Do you want to be a mediocre or want to make a difference?”

Another important point raised by Mr. Patvardhan was that “Are we sensitive?” Ideally the ratio of payment to worker is to top level managers should be 1:20 but practically the ratio has extended up to 1:300 or 1:450. This he refers to as a bomb which may explode any time thereby causing harm to the entire organization. Thus, he urges all HR managers to become more sensitive and practice good values. HR managers should not ignore problems but religiously and unanimously work towards solving the same.

He encouraged all the participants to learn to create a dialogue and understand the need to identify and reflect HR issues. He emphasised on practicing the cherished values and once that happens what takes place is evolution.

The various issues raised by Mr. Patvardhan were welcomed by all the participated and they instilled immense encouragement in them. It was a huge hit with the audience.

The audience was now to be addresses by another chief guest for the event Ms Sneha Khandekar. She addressed the participants on the topic of “Issues of gender diversity at workplace”. She beautifully explained the various diversities that exist at workplace. Gender diversity, geographic and area diversity, culture and ethnic diversity all exist at the workplace, but more importantly diversity in terms of ‘values’ is what affects our behaviour and communication.

She defines gender diversity, and talked about issues like gender sensitivity and gender inclusive. She highlighted that women prefer to remain at lower levels because of more stringent time constraints and responsibility conflicts. So she requested a few changes in the system so as to encourage women employees at all levels. Three major solutions for overcoming the problem mentioned by her were that:

1.      Equal employee opportunities
2.      Affirmative actions
3.      Diversify inclusion

By incorporating these changes she foresees that there will improved understanding, create an environment where everyone has equal access to full protection, better perspective on problem solving, thereby leading better performance outcome.

She expressed her disappointment by stating a figure according to word band that 2/3rd of the women of the world are not employed and the major reasons that women leave jobs largely because of family pressures and unaccommodating workplace policies. Sexual harassment is certainly a sensitive issue and a serious matter of concern, but according to her it is not an HR issue but an issue dealing with ‘power’. 

According to her, HR can be a great help in building more and more women friendly organizations. This can be achieved by increasing the number of women, raising awareness of unconscious business, and inclusion of more policies catering gender diversity. 

She ended her speech by saying that diversity is only FAIR:

                        F – Feedback
                        A – Assist
                        I – Inclusion
                        R- Respect

This echoed the entire hall with a great round of applause. The audience gave an overwhelming response and the small prayer left all mesmerised.

The event was then followed by a question and answer session whereby participant raised their questions and eminent speakers cleared their queries efficiently. Soon after the question and answer round ended the sponsors for the event extended their blessings and good wishes and also presented about their business ventures.

Mr. Deepak Dhomse shared his plans of organizing future events and Mr. Tushar Upadhyay delivered a vote of thanks.

The event was concluded by Mr Kamal Naik and Mrs Namarata Pandya who requested to support women employees and encouraged them to work and grow.

As students it was a very enriching experience to meet such eminent speaker and well known names in the corporate world. We thank Mr Rakesh, GM-Hr, ABC bearings to have believed in us and giving us this opportunity. It was a firsthand experience to meet and interact with the executives and imbibe knowledge from the same.

The Following 10 students extended their support in the form of handling of the registration desk. Mr. Himanshu Bhatt, chapter president acknowledge their support by giving each one of them a certificate of gratitude and appreciation:

1. Ms. Haimita Gandhi
2. Ms. Monica Gurnani
3. Ms. Abha Shukla
4. Ms. Pranjali Patel
5. Ms. Aswathy P.
6. Ms. Purvi Kahar
7. Ms. Aesha Shah
8. Ms. Khyati Rathod
9. Mr. Ruturajsinh Gadhvi
10. Mr. Saddam Husen Mansuri

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