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Students' Participation in Cashless Townships: Rajshree Polymer - Umalla, Videocon and NTPC





Cashless Township Rajshree Polymer Umalla
   Team member of Narmada College of Management
  • 1.      Raj Kuldeepsinh N.
  • 2.      PandyaDivy B.
  • 3.      Patel Kamal A.
  • 4.      BodalwalaJigar
  • 5.      Mehta Komal
  • 6.      Patel Shrungali
  • 7.      MahediHussein 
·        GNFC Team Member

1.      Shree Vishal Prajapati
2.      Shree KedarYadav
3.      Shree Ketan Bhatt
4.      Shree Jadeja Sir

·        March 02, 2017 

Ø  We start our mission for cashless township from the Rajshree polymer company, on the very first day we take permission from the company regarding cashless transaction and then we conduct session with iti student and faculty of iti, our all team make aware them about why cashless transaction are required instance of paper money and then we install the Bhim application and pytm in all student mobile and we requested them to use maximum this application for money transfer and transaction.

·        March 03, 2017

Ø  On the second day we make session withRajshree polymer school student and faculty of school and make aware about the mission of cashless transaction and we tell them why this is required and what are the benefits of digital transaction and then we install Bhim application in all the student mobile who have mobile in the class and we also install Bhim application in schoolfaculty, school administration are very supportive and they also ready to make all the school transaction in digitally by Bhim application and pos machine.

Ø  After the lunch we make door to door visited in Worker Township and executive township of Rajshree polymer and make aware all the member of township about cashless transaction and we tell them about benefits of cashless transaction and we also solved the query and myths regarding digital transaction. In the all the smartphone user of township we installed the Bhim application and paytm.after the township we make one to one session with employee and tell them about the use of digital transaction and benefits of digital transaction and promote them to use more and more cashless transaction in the daily life and also make aware her/his family member to make digital transaction.

·        March 04, 2017

Ø  On the third day we make session with remaining employee and worker of rajshree polymer and make them aware about the cashless transaction and show the detail method of how to do cashless transaction and what are the way of cashless transaction and benefits of the cashless transaction and then we install the Bhim and paytm application in the all the smartphone user employee and workers and many of the employee have not Smartphone so we make aware them how can the transaction happen with simple mobile without internet, all the employee and worker show very eagerness to learn how to do cashless transaction.
Ø  After the lunch we made one to one meting with canteen owner and with all the shop owner of township for cashless transaction in canteen and in township, we explain them all the importance and benefits regarding cashless transaction, after the many question and arguments finally they ready to install pos machine in all shop of township and canteen of company.
   March 06, 2017

Ø  On the fourth day we install the pos machine at canteen, grocery shop and departmental store in township and we also explain the all the step of how to do payment by pos machine and also teach them all the other function of pos machine and make all the necessary documentation regarding cashless transaction . After then we declared the Rajshree polymer as cashless township.

As per the mission of our chief minister of Gujaratand GNFC company that all the township of Gujarat are cashless, we made Rajshree polymer township as cashless township it include company canteen, twotownship of Rajshree polymer, school and ITI.

Cashless Township at Videocon

·        Team member of Narmada College of Management

1.     MsRiyaGoyal
2.     MsNeha
3.     MsDarshitaGajjar

·        GNFC Team Member
1.      MrSnehal Bhatt
2.      MrDhaval

       GNFC has become the first township of India with 100% cashless operations. Having succeeded in GNFC, and under the leadership of MD Shri Rajiv Kumar Gupta, IAS, GNFC has undertaken a mammoth task of converting 25 townships in the state to cashless townships.

The work at Videocon Township started on 2nd March 2017. We covered 23 households and made the residents aware of the applications like paytm, BHIM, etc. We also installed these applications in their Mobile phones. 

Cashless Township at NTPC
Team member of Narmada College of Management
1.      Ms. MeghnaTambakuwala
2.      Ms. Vidisha Patel
3.      MsShaliniMaurya
4.      MsShreya Patel
5.      MsKrupaRajyaguru
6.      MsSneha Prasad

·        GNFC Team Members
4 Members

          We covered almost 200 households in the NTPC township . We also covered the hospital, shopping center, temple, guest house and School.

          There is another township for CISF Police force. We also covered 100 households in that township.

          In both these townships , we went door to door and spread awareness amongst all residents regarding the benefits of cashless transactions and also about the various applications like Paytm, BHIM, etc.

We could complete this task in five days. It was a great experience. 

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