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Date: 13th and 14th August, 2018
Venue: Narmada College of Management

Day 1:

The orientation programme was organized for first year students to introduce them to Narmada College Of Management  to build a network of resources that will help students to know in better manner and guide them to the right path.

This is a formal welcome to the students  to Narmada College Of Management to know the, culture of the college, campus  and university. The programme at NCM provides information  about infrastructure ,library and books, teaching and tutors other campus resources.

This academic year the Orientation Programme was organized on 13th August,2018.
Programme was started with Sarasvati Vanadana  by Dhruvi Joshi student of MBA (Sem-3) and inaugurated  by chief guests Dr.Dipak.Trivedi  and Director Dr.Trupti.Almoula  and joined by faculty members.

The session was started by DR.Trupti.Almoula,Director,NCM.She gave an overview about the selection of MBA and an overview of the course and about the selection of the institution.

Welcomed Chief Guest Dr.Dipak.Trivedi, Director, Education NEST.
Dr.Dipak.Trivedi addressed students for selecting the institution and addresed Dr.Trupti.Almoula for running the institution and to be such a wonderful mentor.
Anjali Jain and Vaishnavi Soni gave a brief introduction about faculty members.

 Then the faculty members  gave an overview of various  topics :-
The first session was started by Dr.Subhash.Yadav who gave information to students about NCM and NEST and also assured the students about  why to choose  MBA?

The second session Dr.Chetna.Makwana  mentioned about the code of conduct about NCM making students understand about what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

In third session Proff.Rashmi.Ghammawala gave an brief overview about  the Placement activities  that are to be carried on in the coming year.

Then Proff.Arpita.Bhattacharya made students understand about the importance of communication and the do's and don'ts.

Kanu Raval gave information to students about the computer lab facility and other programmes .

The vote of thanks was given away by Jaiswini Vyas student of MBA (Sem3) .

Day 2:
The parents were cordially invited for the Orientation Programme. We found a  very positive response from them and parents were also eager to know regarding the choice made by their children. An interactive session was organized between parents and our Director Dr.Trupti.Almoula.

Then Chief guest Mr. Nitin.Tailor shared his life experience with the students and also about how his foundation works. He motivated students to know about their internal strength recognize it and to work on it.He also gave many practical examples from his own life as well as that of his volunteers and encouraged students to find the inner strength and make a path to achieve the goal.

The session was started by Dr. Subhash.Yadav he has inspired students regarding the usefulness and importance of yoga and the benefits received from it. Students were inspired and had an idea about how to maintain a right balance in life.

Dr. Chetna.Makwana gave students an idea about the importance of "Focus" in students life and also guided students about the importance of "Ownership" by sharing videos with the students.

Proff.Rashmi.Ghammawala gave introduction to students regarding the "Teamwork"  she also shared  a short video clip based on tortoise &  rabbit which helps the students to get motivated and encouraged them to work in a team..

A skit on teamwork was presented by girls of MBA (Sem-3) showing their journey and how they worked in team which helped them to excel in all fields.

A skit was presented by presented by boys of MBA (Sem-3) reflecting ill a part of education system and its impact on students.

Proff.Arpita.Bhattacharya organized communication games for all the students which taught the lessons on various aspects of communication.

Then a skit was presented by all the faculties on theme of "A Bird's Eye" of Mahabharata. A message was delivered through skit that how focused "Arjun" was and one should implement it in one's life.

A skit was prepared by students of MBA (Sem-3) which reflects the addiction of students towards the social media and it's ill impacts.

Prof. Iram. Khan  guided students about the importance of extra-curricular activities and also organized games in relation with it.

All the students were asked to take a round of the campus ground in order to understand the importance of physical exercise and benefits related to it.
An interactive session was organised in between the students of both the years and to share their experience.

Dr.Trupti.Almoula addressed all the faculties and students and concluded the session.
The vote of thanks was given away by Dr.Chetna.Makwana.

Lastly the enormous day was ended by giving a privilege and honour to our National Anthem. 

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