Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guest Lecture on "Importance of Attitude to be Successful " From Swami Vivekanand Kendra , Vadodara

Speakers : From Swami Vivekanand Kendra , Vadodara
Date:  13th September 2014
Subject : Importance of Attitude to be Successful
Topic : Born to Succeed – Learning how success is achieved
Class : MBA- I
Under the subject of “Organisational Behaviour” by Dr Trupti S Almoula
No. of students present : 47




·         Obstacles seem to make success impossible
·         The Dynamics of Success are :
o   Clarity of Purpose
§  Be clear and be focussed
§  Think of it, Dream of it and See it
§  Recognise and Tap the potential around
o   Attitude Matters
§  Do not give up your dreams , Give up your negative attitude – even about those who stop you / oppose you
§  Do not burn your bridges with them – they may be your best supporters ( keep the dialogue open )
o   Cordiality and wide contacts
§  Keep good contacts with all
§  Go beyond mental inhibitions about everybody
§  The change that you want may come from people around you
o   Difficulties are disguised opportunities
§  Success does not come from avoiding difficult things
§  Success come from transcending difficulties
§  Go to the root to address it
o   Dynamics of Time and Energy
§  Maximise energy in the given time
§  Time saved is time gained
§  Detail the bigger task into smaller defined tasks and time frame
§  Be firm with your planning
§  In follow-up lies success , follow the task till it is completed
o   Recognise and Tap Potential around
§  Bring the best in others by your behaviours and by raising them to the higher objective
§  Creativity – it means Tapping the potential around
§  Acknowledge others’ role and place
§  Faith is the basic Goodness to all
The above session lasted for an hour.
After that , the students were asked to write answers to Three questions:
Q.1.  What did you learn out of the session ?
Q.2.  How is the learning going to help you ?
Q.3  How are you going to use this learning to make a difference to your life ?
All students answered all the questions , the summary of which is presented below:
·         Will take suggestions from right persons
·         Will take my own decisions
·         Will always follow the right path
·         Will be clear and focussed and will not waste time
·         Will ignore people who interfere in my way wrongly
·         Will identify my hidden talent and dark talent and use it for the right purpose
·         Will focus on my goal and try to complete within a specific deadline
·         Will be specific and clear about my goals  
·         Will try to work at my best
·         Will always think positive inspite of difficulties in my life – will face difficulties – will have positive thoughts
·         Will identify my potential for success
·         Will take failures positively and consider them as a learning
·         Will develop my convincing ability, confidence and speaking ability
·         Will change/ update myself so that I can influence change
·         Will enhance my personality by updating myself and my attitudes
·         Will keep learning continuously
·         Will never feel disappointed
·         Will define my priorities
·         Will inculcate various positive aspects to my life
·         Will become firm with planned decisions, be planned
·         Will follow up with my task consistently till I get success – Will give my time and energy to all my work  with the belief that nothing is impossible
·         Will give up my negative attitude
·         Will develop wide contacts and keep good contacts will all beyond inhibitions
·         Will always feel confident about my work
·         Will recognise my potentials and develop them
·         Will be confident about myself and maintain my self –esteem
·         Will always keep myself motivated
·         Will maintain ethics in my business and be honest at all times
·         Will improve my attitude towards work and people – because success comes with right attitudes and hurdles are also overcome with right attitudes
·         Will not waste time and money
·         Will detail the bigger tasks to sub-tasks and assign time frames
·         Will tap potential around
·         Will acknowledge others’ roles and position
·         Will enhance my capability
·         Will be firm on one’s own opinion
·         Will never feel frustrated or disappointed in one’s life
·         Will grow more serious about my success goals
·         Will learn to take benefits from the opportunities around – accept every opportunity
·         Will keep myself motivated
·         Will work hard for achieving my goals
·         Will improve my personality
·         Will learn to believe that success may not be immediate but will be definite
·         Will take cordial decisions
·         Will accept challenges and convert them into opportunities
·         Will Never give up / never feel disappointed until I achieve my goal
·         Will try to me extrovert
·         Will do my best for family and Nation
·         Will optimally utilise all resources
·         Will make a positive difference to my life
·         Will explore and use my hidden creativity
·         Will keep patience and achieve

·         Will remember that “success is not in being a good manager alone but in doing good to others 

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