Friday, September 19, 2014

WEBINAR On Financial Planning At NCM

Report of WEBINAR
On Financial Planning At NCM

It give me immense pleasure to report that we, NCM had organized and completed WEBINAR on Financial Planning on 16th Sep 2014 for the development of students in MBA SEM III, Finance Specialization. Programme included the following competition:

·         Date of progamme  16th Sep,2014
·         Name of Progamme: Webinar on Financial Planning
·         Total 22 Students has participated in this programme.
·         Time Duration was one hour.
·         Following topics were covered in webinar discussion for knowledge building.

·         Prerequisites of financial plan :Start as possible, Set objective

·         Financial goal (S.M.A.RT GOAL) I e  specific-5W’S, Measureable, Attainable ,Time bond
·         Budget: Meaning of income, Meaning of expense, Meaning of saving
·         Why you save? :Cover short term personal expense, Plan for major expense, Reserve funds

·         Meaning of investment :Why invest? :Retirement, Major purchase, Inflation protection, Unemployment funds, Future generation

·         Factor to consider: Risk tolerance, Investment timeframe and Available funds
·         Why return on investment?

·         Understand various institution: Mutual fund, Insurance, Real estate

·         Type of real estate: Residential, Commercial, Industrial ,Retail estate investment trust

·         Understand securities market: BSE,NSE

·         Product of stock market: Price discount using technical analysis ;Intraday, EOD, Creating call etc.

Dr.  Chetna R Makwana                                                                                 Dr Trupti Almoula
Co-ordinator of the Programme                                                          I/C Director

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