Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Date : 10/09/2018, Monday, Narmada College Campus

Resource Person : Dr. Mohandas Hegde, Director, Centre for Research Education Sadhana and Training (CREST), Bengaluru

A one day workshop on “Pursuit of Inner Self Excellence (POISE)” was arranged at Narmada College Campus for all the faculty members of the campus.

The workshop was the initiative of Heartfulness Institute, an organization working in the area of spirituality and meditation for the benefit of all.

Dr. Hegde the resource person of the day, began with asking some fundamental questions about, What are Human Values, Why do we need Human Values, Importance of Human Values in Life. Based on the response provided by the faculty members, he gave various examples which helped to clarify these concepts.

After that we had a meditation session in the form of small exercise. It was found to be useful by all the faculty members. The resource person gave the mantra of Expect not and Blame not for living a happy and satisfied life.

As part of self audit the participants were asked to list their positives and negatives and reflect on them.

After lunch break we had a session on the role of teacher in building society in which certain fundamental questions about who is a teacher, what is his/her responsibility towards student community, towards nation were discussed.

Then the participants did another mediation session on Rejuvenation, which was part of the cleaning exercise.

The session ended with feedback from the participants about the programme.

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