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Participation in the FDP programme organized by GTU

Report on participation in the FDP programme organized by GTU

FDP - Day 2: 26th Sept., 2018                                                                                        

Subject Name: Organization Behavior (OB)                                               Subject Code: 4519204

Resource persons for the subject OB:

1. DR. PragnaKaul, Oakbrook Business School, Gandhinagar
2. DR. JagrutVasavda,  Associate professor at NRVIBMS, Junagadh

Session on OB subject started sharp at 11:10 AM by DR PragnaKaulas a Resource person. She introduced the subject and explained us that how this subject is different, unique from other management subjects and how can be made more interesting as well as interactive. She adds that this subject acts fundamentals to all other management subjects and gives freedom to the subject teacher to handle the subject in many ways using various combinations of pedagogical tools.

She elaborated and shared her hands on experience on how she deals with her OB class. She divides and makes the students learn OB at three level – individual level, group level and organizational level. In order to make OB concepts understandable - she first Directs students (tells students what to do) then make them Discuss the concept well in class and ask them to pen down key take away and  finally Delegates or empowers studentsto deal with OB activities. She usually make use of various pedagogical tools like PPT/reflections, Reading & live assignments, case studies and discussions, Article critique, storytelling, games, videos, movies, ted talks, movie making exercises etc… In fact she has also clarified that which type of OB topics can best explained by which tools or teaching pedagogy.

·         Topics like attitude, perception, and personality can be best explained through storytelling, filmy stories, and practical organizational examples

·         Topics like groups, team can better explained with the use of management games, group practical assignments, role plays

·         Topics like change management and stress management can better handled through case studies and discussions

·         Motivation, leadership can be managed through lesson from movies, videos of successful leaders,SandipMaheshwari motivational talks,  ted talks on motivation, corporate stories etc…

·         Organizational change and organizational development – Book review on Who moved my cheese?
·         Organizational culture – cultural collage of any organization or any individual using iceberg model

DR JagrutVasavda explained module wise that how to make the OB content rich by using various pedagogical tools. He also shared his practices to deal with the subject. Further he elaborated on the problems that student usually faces while writing OB paper/ exam. He described and suggested tips that would help students in writing OB paper effectively. Following points were discussed
·         Time management - Students should properly allot time for each question
·         Length of the answers should be based on marks written on question paper
·         Students should come out of the myth – more pages will lead to more marks. Role of faculty is to make them understand that quality of answers will help to score more marks.
·         Lack of Explanation skills due to English language problem
·         Avoid readings from Thakur Publications
·         Dealing with case studies in the paper

Near about 14-15 OB teachers participatedin this session representing various GTU affiliated colleges. The session was very interactive and participants were asked to share their experience in terms of handling OB class.The class ended at 1:15 PM

To become subject expert - Faculties were asked to not only refer GTU recommended text books but also suggested to read other books like OB by Fred Luthan, OB Case Study by V.G. Kondalkar and for average students – OB by Newstrom etc… such books  can be used  by Ob teacher to widen their knowledge horizon on OB subject.

Thus there were many key take away from the session and such programmes should be conducted again and again so that we all can avail opportunity to keep ourselves updated with latest practices on a particular subject. 

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