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By: Mr. Parijat Gupta and Mr. Aakash Thakur.
Place: Narmada College of Science and Commerce (NCSC)
Date: 23rd February, 2019



The fourth session of “CO-CREATE TRANSFORMATION" was held on 23rd February 2019 at 10:15 am in the conference room of the college (NCSC) by Mr. Parijat Gupta. Mr. Gupta started the session by asking about the assignment given in the earlier session. He also asked what was going on in the minds of students after doing assignment. Few of the students shared their experience regarding the assignment and what was going on in their minds after completing it. The points covered by him under this session are below:

v  Laughing is the best medicine
Mr. Gupta started with the topic laughing is the best medicine. He told that if you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think. He also told that now a days people are too busy in their life and they don’t even have time to laugh. In some cases they have to join laughing clubs for laughter. His words raised some questions in our mind regarding the absence of laughter from our life? It is strange that people have to join such clubs to make themselves laugh.

v  Empathy Walk
It is all about how leader can manage people. As they are leaders they have to meet new people every day. Empathy walk means how much you are able to understand person in front of you whom you have never met before. Then Mr. Gupta showed us one video clip named Dyna Cunningham (part 1) in which Diana Cunningham is a lawyer by profession. In that video she told that we can’t change legal system but we can change people’s mind and it is the power of empathy walk.

v  Co-Sensing
Under this point Mr. Gupta made us understand that Co-Sensing means to make the system sense and to see itself. He also told that we have to go to the edge of system to understand the entire situation. He gave the examples of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana who were different kinds of change leaders for society. They helped people who were suffering from leprosy and HIV Aids.
One quote by Johann Wolfgang V. Grethe, summarises what Mr. Gupta explained us.
            “Every object, well contemplated, opens up a new organ of perception within us.”

After that there was small refreshment break for 10 minutes. Then our next session began with meditation.

v  Social Field
It is a structure of relationship among individual, group, organization and system that gives rise to collective behavior. Here we have seen another video clip. It was a small part of movie named The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000). In which coach was motivating him to achieve his goal before going to perform on field. Mr. Gupta told us to relate this video with social field.

v  Levels of Conversation
·         Types of Team Meeting
1.      Polite way
2.      Debate form
3.      Dialogue form
·         Field pattern
·         4 fields of conversation
Any conversation happens in fields. Under Conversation phase, he further explained four specific fields as follows:
1.      Downloading or Talking Nice
In this field we speak what other wants to hear. We want to play safe with them. Here, reality is something else and people say what others like to hear. For example in interview candidates behavior is not natural he behaves artificially to impress interviewee.
2.      Debate or talking Tough
Here, people try to put their point of view. Nobody is trying to lose their point of view. Thus conversation can’t move toward a decision making.
3.      Dialogue or Reflective Tough
Here person start speaking by seeing himself as whole. Then he asks question why other’s point of view is better than his view point? Then he tries to look his view point from other’s angel. When he realized that his view pint is not effective then only he can shift his view point.
4.      Collective creativity
Here all individual collectively see that what is emerging from all view points.

After that there was lunch break for an hour. After break the session was continued at 2:20 pm. Mr. Gupta introduced Mr. Aakash Thakur, the head HR with AARTI Industries Ltd..

·         Mr. Thakur told that person should always clear about his integrity, character, how to manage resources and decision making ability.
·         He also makes us understand that how professional knowledge and competencies are required to be different from other competitors in market.
·         Then he gave information of LEAD concept which is used by every professional:
L: Learn
E: Engage
A: Achieve
D: Discover
·         He also gave some idea of business S Curve.

Lastly there was one exercise. In that exercise Mr. Thakur and one student from us done role play on stage. In that Mr. Thakur asked about her. She gave short introduction of her. Mr. Thakur also asked about her future plan and council her for her dilemma also. After that there was open forum discussion in which many of students have put interesting questions in that question answer session and Both Mr. Gupta & Mr. Thakur answered them satisfactorily. With   this session ended successfully at 5:15 pm.

Prepare By: Nehal K. Shinol. (MBA-1)

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