Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Date 19/2/2019
Venue: - Narmada College of Management
Speaker:- Mrs Yesha Sheth

Yesha Sheth Ma’am started the session with very creative introductory session, where
students have to introduce themselves by describing themselves with an animal. For example,
a rabbit, horse, tortoise etc.

Description of activity:-
It was an enjoyable ice breaking exercise and it was observed that students were quite
engrossed in the exercise. This was followed by a discussion on the self, one’s desires. She
also told us that as a business student we must have ability to foresee problem.
Next, she spoke about self development. She told us to work on our:-
1) Self image
2) Attitude and Values
3) Self esteem
4) Self Confidence

Then she divided all the students into group of 10 members and gave sketch pens and chart
paper. The leader of each group has to ask each member of group about their values. And
then they have to choose most preferred 3 values which was essential to start a business.
After this 3 members of each group have to describe the importance of values. All the other
students have to argue with them if they did not agree with them

The next activity was an interesting game called “SCAVENGER HUNT”. In this, all the
students were again divided into teams of 10 member and they were given names like team
red, blue team etc. They have to search 15 items from a list in the campus within 10 minutes.
All the students participated with enthusiasm and coordinated to collect as many items as
possible. Team green was winner as they were able to collect all the items and were given
chocolates as prize.

From this activity we learned team work, coordination, time management, creativity. Moving
towards the end, yesha madam asks us a problem to share. And she told us the way to solve a
problem. Following are ways to solve problem:-

 Optimism
 Visualisation
 Gratitude journal, etc

In the end she gave us few tasks to bring it in next session, like knowing our locus of
control through a quiz. To sum up, it was a well thought out programme of motivating
the students to discover themselves.

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